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Gold up in June, Down Into Summer and a Moon Shot to $2000 Before Year End

by Bo Polny,

From the New York Kitco Interview, Gold is to ‘rise in May/June and make a TOP in June before a final summer low’.

The forecast for a Top in June stands unchanged.

Gold needed to touch and get through the Blue Line of Overhead Resistance as illustrated in the June 5, 2014 Gold chart update and also on Page 2 below…it did Friday 6/13/2014! Continue to expect a MUCH higher price target this month.

Cycles precede all Events and the June 18, 2014 FOMC announcement is an Event and the current Gold Cycle is Up the month of June into an Intermediate Cycle Top date that arrives after the FOMC announcement; therefore expect Gold to continue its climb post-FOMC announcement.

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2 comments to Gold up in June, Down Into Summer and a Moon Shot to $2000 Before Year End

  • George

    Ok gold went up as did PM stocks!

    CNBC TV toutes a “dovish” Fed and says all world markets are rallying after Yellen spoke!! What arrogant lying scum.

    Yellen LIES about Inflation and the media nods off. ‘Lying’ is policy all over the USA, from Ukraine to the gay alien w/o a birth certificate to the Bankster controlled puppets (read JPM, GS, politicians, and the media).

    Fraud Inc. is USA.

    • mickeymoist

      How many times in history has Gold gained 45% in six months again? Ahh, yeah, never…Why does nobody ever question these price targets?

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