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Gold & Silver Prices To Surge As U.S. Dominance Deteriorates

from King World News:

Leeb: “The U.S. is losing control of a lot of their critical assets around the world, including the Middle East and Europe. One of the things that has kept the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency is the military might and the economic might of the United States. But now we see things like this radical Islamic group marching on Baghdad, and this is after taking over the second largest city in Iraq….

Iraq is now in the process of becoming three countries and the U.S. cannot control it. The U.S. is also have major issues in Afghanistan and eastern Ukraine. In fact, it seems the United States can no longer control anything Russia does. Russia is free to do virtually whatever they want.

The U.S. also desperately needs commodities. Every year the USGS does a survey on commodities where they look at the supply of all global commodities. Every year the number of commodities that the U.S. has to import 50 percent to 100 percent of is rising. This is a sign of growing weakness on the part of the United States.

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  • rich

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    Gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) have a new element of risk. These schemes which earlier held physical gold equivalent to the unit holders’ investments, now lend a portion of these, as part of a government move to meet gold demand through domestic sources.

    This means they no longer directly hold all the gold their investors have paid for. This introduces an element of credit risk to these funds, say experts.

    Goldman Sachs Asset Management runs India’s largest gold ETF. It issued a note to investors last month that the risk profile of the product had changed. “A situation could arise where the issuer is unable to return the principal physical gold to GS Gold BeES (their scheme) upon maturity or in case of an early redemption. Such inability to return physical gold could arise on account of liquidity problems or general financial health of the issuer,” said the note.

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