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Global Economic COLLAPSE Happening Right NOW!

from The Money GPS:

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  • Anon

    The Baltic Dry Index Is Having Its Worst Year Ever

    Remember, that, while the “global” economy may not be in the best shape ever – most of the hype in both the MSM (Main Stream Media)AND in the so-called “alternative” media is to get Americans all worked up and terrified, of what could happen, if the USD/FRN collapsed – which, it eventually will. But, “they” want you so terrified, that you’ll go along with whatever devious pre-planned scheme they pull out of the hat, so that you’ll forget all that shit about “Audit the Fed”, and “End the Fed”.

    • Anon

      “They” want to cause so much pain and misery, in this country, that Americans will just start screaming “do something – anything” – to which, they will simply reply by doing what they had been wanting to do all along anyway – such as, issue a “global currency” in the form of a credit card with a chip in it – or, if the BRICS and NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Countries are just too numerous, or too influential around the world to allow that – then, perhaps “they” will just opt for greater control over the U.S. population – since, hey – SOMEBODY HAS TO SUBSIDIZE THE GUYS IN THE PINSTRIPE SUITS, AND TIES, WHO PRODUCE NOTHING – NO PRODUCT – OR SERVICE – OF ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER, TO HUMANITY – EXCEPT DEBT. They use your labor, and my labor, to enrich themselves, (because all privately-owned corporate profits are privatized) but they socialize all their privately-owned corporate losses, by making the taxpayer pick up the tab. (That is where the 545 in the District of Criminals comes in.) They give us NOTHING of any real value. Just DEBT. MORE AND MORE DEBT. Someone has to pick up the tab for their real estate, mansions, yachts, & bentleys. Don’t listen to their hype. END THE FED.

  • Anon

    Plus, they are shredding key documents, to cover their tracks, so that, once the smoke clears, ACTUAL investigators will have almost zero chance of piecing together what exactly happened, and how we were all so thoroughly bamboozled.

    A Disappeared Book on Wall Street History Provides a Dead Serious Warning

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