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Germany’s Gold: Auf Wiedersehen

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

“Finally he makes a decision, it is time to go, and he uses a gambling metaphor: he says ‘Roll the dice’, ‘Alea jacta esto’. Once the dice start rolling they cannot be controlled, even though we do not know what it is as the dice roll and tumble. Julius and his men swiftly cross the river [Rubicon] and they march double time toward Rome, where they almost beat the messengers sent to inform the Senate of their arrival. Titchener, To Rule Mankind and Make the World Obey

That is one response, when you ask for the return of your gold, and your request is refused. Just when you thought the spin could not become any more blatant or ridiculous. Do you have any doubts? It is not patriotic to have doubts. You must do your duty, and believe.

This saga of Germany’s national gold reserves being held by the Fed in New York is one of the most incredible stories in some time. I believe it is related to what will become the scandal of the century.

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