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Foiled FBI Terror Plots Curiously Quiet During Surge of Mass Shootings

by Eric Blair, Activist Post:

Disclaimer: If you can’t handle paranoid conspiracy theories, stop reading this now. If you’re currently taking SSRIs, please stop reading this instant. Leave this website. There is information here that challenges the authority of officialdom, and thus can be construed quite correctly as “anti-government”. Continue reading at your own risk.

Do you remember the glorious days when the FBI caught terrorists plotting to bomb Christmas tree festivals and the like? Remember how they were almost always FBI-handled patsies? No? To refresh your memory check out thisthis, this, this, this, this, this, and this.

For those too compelled or too lazy to click away, the fact is that the FBI routinely incubates terror plots only to stop them at the last moment so they can beat their chests in press releases that recount their heroics. A good book was written about the phenomenon called The Terror Factory. The book revealed that at least 150 foiled terror attacks since 9/11 were actually incubated by the FBI.  For those keeping score, that’s about one fake terror plot per month, every month, since 9/11.

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  • mickeymoist

    Interesting disclaimer to say the least but everyone already knows this website is filled with garbage conspiracy theories and anti-government propaganda…

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