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FEMA is PREPARING for a MASS PANDEMIC – Are You Prepared?

from Agenda NWO2:

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  • Angel

    I will say one thing that MAY add some credence to whatis being spoken of here:

    I have first hand info that 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution (basic IV fluid) is in VERY short supply. The shortage began about a year ago, eased up a bit, than began again during the winter months before easing up again. Now it’s back, even worse than before. Doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, ambulance services, etc. are unable to maintain adequate stocks of this product nationwide.

    The excuse for the shortage this past winter was that hospitals, doctors, etc. were responsible for the shortage due to an increase in the number of patients being treated for the flu. That’s difficult for me to believe, considering the commonality of this product.

    During the last big pandemic scare some years ago, I was told by someone in the medical supply industry that the U.S. government had a program in which they were purchasing and storing HUGE stocks of this product in various locations throughout the country specifically FOR THE PANDEMIC.

    This solution doesn’t have a very long shelf life, so by law it must be disposed of when it reaches expiration. Obviously, it must also be restocked. It’s reasonable to suggest that the expiration and subsequent re-stocking may explain the periodic shortages of this product in the past.

    It is my understanding from the same source that RECENT and LARGE orders of the solution by the U.S. government are the reason for the current shortage. Perhaps they are re-stocking expired product. Or, maybe they’re ADDING to their supply.

    Just like everything else the government is gobbling up in mass quantities, we must ask the question: what do they know that we don’t?

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