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Exposing Obama Conspiracy against the U.S. and World

by Jim Lantern, The Lantern Journal:

Each Obama issue and scandal is a connected part of a larger picture. I’ve been using the comparison of parts of a jigsaw picture puzzle in some past editorial articles. Once assembled, you know what the big picture is. A better comparison now is for the parts of the puzzle to slowly reveal a picture that is a rebus puzzle picture, which must then be solved to know what the big picture is really about. We can make guesses, based on education and experience of ourselves and from others, but we do not yet for certain know what the big picture is.

For the comparison, read my new posting Remembering 1958-1973 TV game show and board game “CONCENTRATION” at my primary WordPress blog – Timeglass Journal. I now see the political landscape as being like a rebus puzzle picture comparable to what was seen on that famous old TV game show and board game, for how the truth is being revealed.

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