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Eric Sprott Asks: Did I Lose $10 Million From the Barclays Gold Take Down?

[Ed. Note: Interview starts at :50]

from Silver Doctors:

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4 comments to Eric Sprott Asks: Did I Lose $10 Million From the Barclays Gold Take Down?

  • Ben

    D Day was not the turning point. Stalingrad and the Russian counter offensive was the big turning point. But MSM tells u overwise…as usual.

    Sprott has tanked many an investor with his “all in” mantra. People have lost fortunes following Sprott. He has been removed from a board at Sprott as he is must be viewed as a danger within the company.

    KNW may rave about him being a billionaire, but this is very unlikely as Sprott was “all in.” KNW is overboard, as usual.

    But E Sprott is correct in what he says!!!

  • Willy

    Wow more plugs for that doc guy, more proof all the bloggers are in cahoots. It was interesting to see the history channel interview where the one guy outed all the talk show hosts that get paid to plug gold dealers. The same guy also said silver miners employee thousands of bloggers and “doomers”. The end of the world is coming, give me you paper and buy my new high premium, limited mintage, silver round. Looks like this guy took his training from duane.

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