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End of the Black Swan… Almost.

from Miles Franklin:

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  • Ed_B

    It is crystal clear to many of us who read the alternative media that QE has not worked anywhere it has been tried… ever. Japan has suffered through 22 years of this financial idiocy, yet whatever it was that QE was supposed to cure is still with them. If anything, QE has made it worse. It certainly has no record of achievement here in the US or in the UK and EU. Yet, it persists as “the solution” to our economic problems.

    The world is NOT suffering from a lack of liquidity. This is only a symptom of the real problem. It IS suffering from an excess of stupidity among our financial and government “leaders”. They keep doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result… and they are not getting a different result but the same old result that does not work. How many times do they have to fail before they get the idea that this is not working and never will work?

    IMO, the world is suffering from a toxic over-dose of government and that until government’s share of the pie is reduced below 15% of our GDP we will not cure this problem. We are caught in a downward spiral from which there is only ONE escape path and that path is MORE productive business and industry and a whole lot less non-productive government. We simply cannot afford all this governing. Let the people be FREE of it. It is our ONLY way out of the mess that excessive government has caused. More of the same is NOT a cure and never has been. If you have food poisoning, more bacteria-laced food is NOT the cure for it. If you burn your finger, curing that does not involve putting your finger back into the fire. This is just common sense, which is deplorably absent among the central banks and their approach to failing economies. But, as usual, the beatings will continue until morale improves!

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