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Electronic Money starting in London

from Armstrong Economics:

In London, buses will start in July accepting cards only – no more cash. Currency Exchanges are now offering cards instead of cash that they market as being safer in travel. In Manchester, all the shops on Chorlton Street will no longer accept cash – only cards. This is a test to see if society is ready for the change. This is a major effort to move in preparation for the cashless society. While the goldbugs have been touting that gold will rise and the dollar will collapse because of fiat money, technology has passed them by making their arguements barbaric relics of the past.

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3 comments to Electronic Money starting in London

  • Julian

    Is that all Armstrong has? Pathetic. He’s a shill for .gov
    London Buses haven’t taken cash for a couple of years now you douche. You have to buy a travel card or Oyster card.
    Bit behind the news son.

    As the article had nothing more behind it I think that is enough to see he’s an idiot.

  • Julian

    Keep up the sterling work Sean. Enjoying your work this side of the pond.
    Can you interview Mike Maloney sometime. That would be great.

  • Speros

    Singapore MRT trains have been cashless for at least 10 years that I know of. The thing is, the pass card has to be topped up somehow, and that is done via ticketing machines using cash or ATM card, so you see the whole argument is moot right there.

    Interesting use of the terms ‘gold bugs’ and ‘barbarous relic’. That seems to show the true colours of the author.

    All said this was a pointless, useless article.

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