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by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Questions swirled around Edward Snowden for the last year. The debate raged: was he a patriot or a traitor? Some even asked if he was a government patsy or a Russian spy. Over the last few months there has been more light shed on the question “Who is Edward Snowden?”

For one he seems to be very brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing that the US government is a protector of his freedoms… that, of course, couldn’t be more untrue in his current situation yet he still wants to return to the geographic region where the US government maintains a complete monopoly on violence (law/police) and theft (taxation).

He would be much safer and freer anywhere else on earth. He would be celebrated everywhere he went in many countries on the planet. I understand the US is where he grew up, but we live in a new world where people are not tied-at-the-hip to the people of the geographic region where they were born. More than ever we are one big human family and our closest friends can live thousands of miles away. And we can chat with them regularly.

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