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Days of ‘Hostage Markets’ for SILVER Coming to an End?

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

It’s Wednesday June 25th, and there are a couple of topics on tap for today. I’m going to start with briefly referencing my latest commentary for Sprott Money, since I promised further discussion of the issue of U.S. “REITS” when it was first brought to my attention by “Earl”. How U.S. Corporations Print Their Own Money: The REIT Scam

As the title implies; the REIT-scam essentially gives those corporations able to participate in this scam their own “printing press” — in the form of the shares of their own company. What we must suspect is that this scam will unfold very similarly to the One Bank’s fiat-currency scam. Falling Emerging Market Currencies Prove Dollar-Fraud

It dilutes these fiat-currencies nearly infinitely, but is able to avoid that dilution making them officially worthless because it can (upwardly) manipulate the value of these currencies in global FX markets. Similarly; since the Banksters can manipulate equity markets even more-easily than currency markets, we must suspect that these scam-corporations will print-up ridiculous quantities of their shares (like “money”) but avoid their share-price going to zero via the manipulation of equity markets.

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