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Bloomberg Admits: THE $5 TRILLION ANNUAL SILVER MARKET FRAUD — David Quintieri

David Quintieri author of The Money GPS joins me to discuss the collapse of the international banking and monetary systems. We also cover the great Wall Street SILVER FRAUD in detail. According to Bloomberg the “silver market” is a “$5 TRILLION DOLLAR market”. However, given that we know that only 700-800 million ounces of PHYSICAL silver are mined from the ground every year, the ACTUAL gross silver market is at best worth $15-20 Billion a year! Bloomberg is admitting that the great Wall Street silver paper PONZI market is at least 250 times larger that the actual PHYSICAL market… ANNUALLY. Please share this one.

NOTE: We discuss the $5 TRILLION Silver fraud at 9:35 into this interview, then at 13:25 we cover the math on the paper fraud which equates to $5,000/ounce silver.

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70 comments to Bloomberg Admits: THE $5 TRILLION ANNUAL SILVER MARKET FRAUD — David Quintieri

  • Oz's

    Hi SGT Team,
    Been logging in for years, You guys & ZH are the best.

    PLEASE ADVISE; the last 6 months or so when I view your site (on iPad), after a while, 5mins or so, it (safari) dies.
    I log in again & again with the same result.

    It doesn’t happen with infowars, ZH, dailysheeple etc.

    At 1st I thought it may be those cretins at NSA.
    BUT, why only your site?

    Keep going, you are seriously underrated.
    Kindly Advise, by my email, appreciated.

    And as always duck 🙂

    • SGT

      Hmmm, thank Oz. I’ll pass this along to our webmaster. (BTW, I usually use Firefox.)

      Guys, has anyone else experienced problems with SGT Report, either while using Safari, or otherwise?

      • Eric

        Yeah I have the same thing happen to me when I’m on the iPad. The videos don’t play directly through safari any longer either.

        My guess is between all the ads and the posts loading, it causes it to crash. I’m on an old iPad however.

        Everything works fine on the laptop. No complaints here. I does the same thing with a few other sites.

      • Angel

        I was gonna say something yesterday. I’ve noticed for the last month or so that when I go on to your site on my laptop, the articles load VERY slowly, to the point where I sometimes just give up and go elsewhere. Some days are better than others, but this is the only site that gives me this problem. My laptop is very efficient, with a fantastic connection. It never used to do this.

      • J

        If I connect to the Liberty Mill from a certain IP address I always get routed to an old page (Feb 11 2014). If I change my IP address to another country and I go to the LM site then I get the current (up to date) page… Someone or some thing is definitely monkeying around with your websites.

      • Steve_D

        Yep, videos won’t play for me on the front page. I always have to click on comments section to watch them.

        Also on iPad.

        • JT

          Ditto. I try and try and try again and end up giving up and coming back later when using iPhone safari. On my laptop using Firefox, I sometimes go through stretches where I am auto redirected after twenty seconds or so…

      • Sgt. Agreed with the website, but sometimes this stuff happens. For everyone having that prob though, sgt has a twitter and youtube account. U can still get the real news!

        Sgt. I was wondering if you and Rory (hope i spelled that right) would kindly consider joining one of our beyond bitcoin meetups. You can listen to our content at the site and can also find the directions to setup and log into the mumble. I currently have a friend who is a big rand paul supporter and he is going to start helping me build grass roots support in the libertarian party to use the blockchain for functions other than currency.
        I am sorry for such persistence, but it is “how we fail that defines who we are…” or something like that.

        • SGT

          Hey fuznuts, so dang busy with a full time job, family and this site, etc… do you guys record and post those on You Tube? If so, send me a link and I’d be glad to post them.

      • Pinebrook

        I experience difficultly very often. I mostly blame all of the ads!! Especially the ones that keep updating and changing continually. What I would like to know is: How much would I have to pay you to completely eliminate the garbage ads? I think enough of us could “subscribe” to get rid that crap. (I don’t mind the relevant ones that you insert – like SD Bullion, etc. but I don’t need to see any more Fungus Toenails.)

        • JT

          I would pay to get rid of the ads. I’ve been reluctant to share with friends/fam because of the crazy ads. Even Provident metals had ads that were a turnoff.

          • SGT

            Thanks for your thoughts guys, but frankly my experience has been that no one wants to pay for anything, exceptional content is expected to be served up for free and anyone who charges a dime is a “shill”… sad, but true. So we limp along with advertising that helps keep the lights on, while never having asked for a donated nickel from anyone. So please support the decent advertisers who in turn support our efforts, like Provident Metals, and we’ll thank you in advance.

        • J

          Use the Firefox browser and get the adblock+ add-on.

  • Eric

    Man this is sweet! I wish Americans were this awake…

  • Steve_D

    BTW yet another superb interview Sean.

    Anyone get the feeling the quickening has turned into an all out sprint. Soooo many things happening all at once, it’s proving impossible to keep up.

    Or are they doing as much as they can while the global population are stuck in front of their TV screens watching the World Cup?

  • Oz's

    Sure SGT will sort it out.
    Also, Sure Our friends at the NSA whom are listening, will help 🙂

    Mid July is pivotal. Don’t say I didn’t tell you…
    Something big is happening 15-17/6/2014 & silver is monumental thereafter.

    I am not stupid, I have watched this unfolding for 9 years & quietly accumulated a rather large amount of 99.999 silver bullion.
    Not wishing to brag as a average Joe 🙂 I have just over 4180oz’s, (130kgs) through diligent prudence.

    HOPING SGT fix the site dying thing on iPad.

    As always, Duck.

    • Ed_B

      Very well done, indeed, Oz. My stack is similar. Less silver ozs. but with 20 oz. of gold. The price smashing has been useful to those of us who take advantage of the fire sale prices and build our stacks regularly. 😀

  • Oz's

    Correction: 15-17/7/2014


  • Jeff

    Hey Oz are you going to give us any reason for the date range?

  • glitter 1

    Another great post relative to things that must be discussed/exposed.However,let me diverge a bit,similar but different subject.
    Many ask/seek to know who/what is driving all of the Malfeasance and Corruption in the US and World for that matter.All,I say All Things have an origin,a starting point and progress forward to a present reality.If through diligent searching/seeking one can find/locate and latch on to a true thread of truth/fact and follow where it leads down the rabbit hole,the puzzle pieces and dots can be assembled with a magnificant mosaic/clear picture emerging.
    I personally began my quest to understand/seek information regarding who/what has been driving World Events relative to The NWO,the inconsistencies evident in the running of the US.I began my plunge down the rabbit hole some 40 years ago,availing myself to dozens,upon dozens of books,hundreds of hours of tapes,videos,essays,etc.The result of my journey has I believe revealed unequivocally,with much corroboration of the facts from many sources that I do in fact know and understand what has been/is going on.Where/when/what are the origins and where it is all going,the End Game.I’m not making this statement in any effort to brag or think myself extra ordinary,it’s just after 40+years I know what I know and the truth of it.
    SGT posted a very informative piece not long ago on a 2 hour vidoe interview of William Cooper:

    This man epitomises being Wide Awake and having a complete handle on reality when it comes to the secret societies/organizations making up/pushing The NWO Agenda.
    I’ve read his book “Behold A Pale Horse”,which is required reading in understanding the truth.The posting of this interview a couple of weeks ago renewed my interest in his story.I began listening to his 1-43 hourly You Tube radio sessions made back befor TPTB had him whacked in 2001.
    The information he reveals in these sessions is a condensation of everything/most of what I’ve learned thru other hit-miss efforts over my 40 years,but he has done all of the research and consolidated all of the pertinent information/facts and has provided it freely for all who will take the time and just listen to it.Folks,if you are truely interested in learning the truth and gaining true understanding of what is going on.You can cut to the chase by just taking the time to listen and learn.This guy has done all of the Leg Work.It couldn’t be any simpler.There are many that think they have it figured out,but they don’t.If you really want to know,it’s all laid out for you on a silver platter,all you have to do is listen and learn.
    I’m getting a little winded here so I’ll wrap it up.
    William Cooper equals one stop shopping when it comes to understanding the NWO Organization/Function.

    I’ve also provided a link to an important interview(~1977)with John Todd who was high up in the NWO Organizational Structure and came out of it.He was also silenced/whacked at some time during the 1980’s.

    Here is another escapee “Svali” remember her from another SGT interview post:

    Alot of information provided here,the Leg Work has been done for any seeking understanding.Please pardon my indulgence here,it’s a large part of my passion.

  • Long John Silver

    Great Interview, and being a Canadian, you like to hear input from other Canucks.. also including Rob Kirby and Jeff Nielson..

    I would still love to hear an Interview with Larken Rose, my awakening has taken me to real freedom, I mean if the crooks still run the show, they will control everything.. Even Lew Rockwell would be an awesome guest.

    Just my thoughts..

  • knowtoomuch

    @ glitter 1 : You mean the JEW World Order I guess ..?

    ■ ‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, a SPLENDID article :

    ■ The 20th Century : The Talmudic Triumph over Western Civilisation :

    ■ ‘Pax’ Judaica World Wide :

    ■ Benjamin H. Freedman “The real Power Behind The Scenes” :

  • knowtoomuch

    But ofcourse THIS ONE is “Simply The Best” :

    ■ Eustace Mullins’ “The Biological Jew” ( undebated ! ) :

    Tina would say …

  • knowtoomuch

    By the way Sergeant, Bitcoin already blew up ???

    Didn’t think so either …


    ( ps: brace for lift off ! ! )

  • knowtoomuch

    … you jew programmed bitchez …

    • mickeymoist

      I bet they’re starting to miss you on Infowars Mr. Clayton Bigsby…yep, you’ve been outed:

    • NaySayer

      This is the kind of irrational hatred of all “suspect” groups that will really break out when it collapses.

      Some will freak out, blame whatever group they don’t like and you better hope you aren’t in one of those groups when they come around looking for someone to take it out on.

      Also, once it collapses beware of anybody who might have a grudge against you for anything going back to childhood. Seriously. As Celente says, when people lose everything, they lose it. In the mayhem scores might be settled that have been festering for a long time.

      Women need to be especially aware of this. Recently a boy stabbed a girl to death in the hall of their school because she refused to go to the prom with him. A man threw a beloved pet out of a 3rd story window because the dog’s owner broke up with him and nearby a man killed his wife in front of his two kids, kidnapped the kids and burned the house down because she finally got tired of being his punching bag and threw him out.

      Anybody who is Catholic, jewish, gay, wiccan or has EVER broken up with someone, etc. or refused to date/have sex with someone had better watch their back after it hits the fan.

      • Jacobson

        “This is the kind of irrational hatred of all “suspect” groups that will really break out when it collapses.

        Some will freak out, blame whatever group they don’t like and you better hope you aren’t in one of those groups when they come around looking for someone to take it out on.”

        That’s why we established the state of Israel .

        Naysayer I like your comments and I wish you would write more often ,
        the hatred of some desperate hopless people here should be silenced by the rational comments of people like you .
        May god bless you .

        • NaySayer

          Thanks, but I have to disagree with you about them being silenced.

          First, I don’t beieve anybody should be silenced because they are entitled to their stupid opinions like everybody else. As Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This is classic liberalism and no matter how some of the haters on his site don’t understand that word anymore (they think it means democrat rather than it’s historic meaning as freedom lover), I stand by freedom of expression in words.

          Second, letting them talk is in your and everybody else’s best interest. That is how you know who to watch your back around. Better to let some ignorant hate spewer identify themselves so you can avoid them or get armed to the teeth if they sound like they are going to pop their self control and start killing people.

          • Jacobson

            Postmodernism ?
            Got it .

            This website is a fertile soil for recruiting some KKK .

            • NaySayer

              It is true that the KKK seems to have taken to spamming every site on the internet for their hate, but I think that it turns people off more than anything.

              I am quite shocked by some of the appalling verbiage over on shit hits the fan plan site. they have people over there who outright state they want to kill blacks, gays, jews, catholics, feminists etc. and when it hits the fan they are planning on doing so while civil society is broken down.

              SGT tries to keep things civil here but the haters keep coming back. Better to let them spew and then use either reasoned responses or humor to show that they are irrational. Try to get them to state the truth, they want to commit genocide.

              Try to make people see that anybody who wants to oommit genocide on one group won’t stop there. There will always be a new group that has to be eliminated so they can be “pure” but really what they want is to be in power. Maybe the next group they hate after the “JEWS” will be a group they belong to.

              • Jacobson

                NaySayer ,
                I agree with you as I wrote BUT :
                I haven’t seen even ONE comment against blacks/catholics/gays .

                All the hatred in the comments here is directly against jews-israel-zionism .
                It’s intersting how many of the articles are about how the chienese and the russians are working against U.S economy but no one writes comments against the slavic people or yellow people .
                Can you explain why ?

            • Dissolution

              That is a dangerous allegation and an inaccurate assumption. Anyone reading your comments would be as horrified as you project yourself to be. From what i have ever read from you, you are as hostile and hot-tempered as they come. Ive never had an ounce of blanket anti-semitism in my heart, but you sir are certainly not assisting in that respect.

              • Jacobson

                Dissolution ,
                You are not an anti-semite you just hate jews , Israel and Zionism .
                You , KTM and Joe just think jews control everything and destroy everything .

                It is kind of obessesion .

                “They claim we inferior
                So why the fuck these devils fear ya?” (2Pac)

                • Dissolution

                  You are a liar, Jacobson. You assign an allegation to me that you simply cannot substantiate. You wish I hated Jews, so that somehow liars like you could feel empowered. Today is not that day, you sad man. I feel sad for you. I know your fate.

                • NaySayer

                  I think that you sound like you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, which is very common amongst those from groups that have been targeted for elimination (genocide) in the past.

                  I don’t agree with everything Isreal does, however, I can see why they are more touchy than your average country considering the history of many of those who survived WWII and varous pogroms targeting those of the jewish faith during the 20th century.

                  I have noticed a lot of knee jerk hatred against jews, blacks and women but I think jews get it worst and I am not sure why.

                  There are a lot of christians on this site and they are more likely to be supportive of jews than not since they think they need you all to go “home” and rebuild the temple so Jesus can come back. After that they may not have any use for you, but until that time I think that fundamentalist christians can be trusted to have your back.

  • knowtoomuch

    So BUY NOW Bitchcoin (instead of Silver), at least for the moment, and THEN (a year from now ?) change them for dollars to buy Silver with …

    … be SMARTER than the Jew Banksters, that is :
    “Just play along with their Ultimate (bitcoin) Game” …

    You greenhorns …

  • Finn

    You need to figure out how derivatives are valued before you pull a $5,000/oz pos out of your ass.

  • Brian

    SGT, your site does bog down some, especially at work where the cpu’s provided are still using IE8 (and I can’t upgrade it cause I’m not an admin). However it still works much better than any CBS news websites, affiliate or otherwise, or especially “the blaze” which is nearly un-loadable at work. I think the problem may be adobe flash which seems slightly unstable on firefox.

  • Kim

    I loved glitter 1’s comments and learnt something new, thanks glitter 1.
    Just have to add Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
    Nothing else really matters (too much).

    • glitter 1

      You apparently took some time to investigate the information I provided.It’s a very simple thing to do in order to gain the real truth/understanding.It’s all right there for the taking,but the vast majority,even here at SGT who think they have it figured out already and don’t,won’t even give it a look.What you now know isn’t known buy 1 in 10 thousand. Take what you have learned, build on it,share it,pass it on.

  • Dissolution

    I’m not a technician by any means, but I just checked out the ACD (accumulation/distribution) indicator on the silver weekly chart for the first time. It is incredible. Have a look, pull it out to the weekly. Just goes to show you this submerged beach ball is ready to jump.

  • petedivine

    For everyone having issues with the advertising causing disruption to the web page. I’d like to recommend that you disable the adobe flash in firefox. I’ve seen an amazing improvement since disabling the flash. I noticed that flash takes a ton of CPU and memory resources on my PC. This fix allows you to enable or disable flash whenever you want. I use firefox, but I’m sure there is a fix for all of the main browsers.

  • Long John Silver

    Crumbling Pillars of Support

  • Suzanne

    has any listened to the last few interviews posted on Pastor Lindsey Williams’ blogsite?
    He is not talking about bail-ins, though in the US, a district court ruled that the banks could take depositors’ money to pay uninsured investors.

    What he’s been talking about lines up with what “V” and Jim Willie have been saying for some time now… a sudden switch to a dual US currency system, and we wind up with a scheiss dollar with a 50%+ devaluation.

    This summer is the time frame for your final preps before the collapse. Getting out of paper, loading up on metals and food storage… and whatever else.

  • Internationalchick

    Jacobson, that tupac quote is for african Americans not Jews. Jews lie,steal and kill people they don’t like. Who’s else is thct calculating?

  • Jeff

    I believe my IPad is the 3rd. Generation using Safari and never have any trouble at SGT. Love your site Sean, one of THE best on the web.

  • Stormcloudsgathering

    I have listened to her from the beginning. Several times I have heard comments and followed leads she provided that made me go hmmmmmm..However, how does one get to her previous position and be a true nut case? And these days, too many people labeled nut cases have been proven right. I have also noted in my studies that many geniuses have a bazaar side as well. I will take what I can feel comfortable with from this brave woman and smile at the rest.

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