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100 to 1 Paper to PHYSICAL metals admitted. Rigged financial markets. Rigged precious metals markets. Barclays gold manipulation proven. London Silver FIX busted. New World Order tyranny operating for all to see. My guest John from SmartknowledgeU joins me to discuss Conspiracy FACT.

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24 comments to CONSPIRACY FACT

  • Dissolution

    Great choice of a guest. Nice work as always.

    I’m going to latch on to your point about being “bathed in propaganda” (Greenspan/MSNBC)

    Here’s a great theme song for SGT:

    “The national media cover Clinton/Lewinsky
    While the world’s governments sell out millions on the issue of free trade
    But somewhere in the night — A force is not asleep
    And a massive organization plans to rise up to its feet…
    It happens like this…

    A pirate radio voice transmits into the night
    And from D.C. to Peking email warns of lost global rights
    And the hoax the world’s leaders, wanted no one to see
    Comes crashing on their heads from grass roots
    Striking it down the blows coming for the world’s…

    Underground Network – Alternative Communication
    Underground Network – Alternative Communication
    Corporate media can’t keep us
    Beat down! Brainwashed! Enslaved!
    Cause of our…
    Underground Network – Alternative Communication
    They try to blind us but we… Stand up and fight! Stand up and fight!
    They try to keep us ignorant but we… Stand up and fight! Stand up and fight!
    They want to take our rights away so… Stand up and Fight! Stand up and fight!
    Stand up and Fight! FIGHT!

    Just take a look around the world
    and you’ll find that nearly all mass media
    are owned and controlled by a handful of conservative capitalists [LIBERAL COMMUNISTS/MASONS?]
    We must devise and implement alternative methods of distributing our news,
    our information, our ideas — people united worldwide to take a stand,
    to tell the truth!

    Underground Network – Alternative Communication
    Corporate media can’t keep us
    Beat down! Brainwashed! Enslaved!
    Cause of our…
    Underground Network – Alternative Communication

  • Kim

    Thank-you so much Sean for all you do for us. Your website is brilliant and has been a great comfort to me for over the years.
    It is so frustrating to be so wrong and yet so correct, our time will come that I know for sure, only God knows when…

  • mangrove

    Excellent. I’ve enjoyed John’s videos a lot — only a recent discovery actually (probably because of SGT). He’s one smart cookie who really knows what’s going on. But he manages to keep an upbeat attitude (like you guys here at SGT) despite all the negative realities we’re dealing with, and that’s refreshing. (Plus, I gotta say, his English proficiency is way better than many Americans’.) I hope you’ll have him back often!

  • Abby

    You just get better and better all the time 🙂 I have a handful of favourite people in the Independent Media to whom I am eternally grateful for giving me an education without which I would not have a clue and would still be submerged in the Matrix. You Sir are one of them, at the top of the list in fact and SGT has done remarkable work over the years! Many of the others on my list I have found through you. Jim Willie comes to mind as does James Corbett. I do not know what your day job is, but when MSM falls, and it is going to fall, replacements are already there. Would you consider this as your day job? I have this vision of a brand new TV / You Tube/ Twitter International News forum. Cast your bread upon the waters as they say… I can see the most dynamic information highway taking form here which is going to replace the dinasor media we have now in leaps and bounds. It will be founded on truth and facts, not lies and propaganda. It has truly been an incredible experience to watch this new dynamism being born.

    • SGT

      wow, thanks so much Dissolution, Kim, mangrove & Abby. Just getting ready to head out hee at 5:45 am (much earlier than normal) and it’s so nice to read your comments before I head out the door to tackle a busy day. & Humbling. Thank you.

    • John

      Abby, ditto everything you wrote. I’ll just add that SGT Report has now displaced Drudge for one of my top sites to access breaking News, commentary, videos, and hard hitting TRUTH content!!! And I have to hit this site many times a day just to keep up. Yeah, I’m addicted to SGT Report as are many others. There is such a thirst for TRUTH in our World and the MSM dinosaurs have nothing but propaganda and disdain for it’s audience. Nobody wants to be force fed that propaganda crap anymore. Voila, SGT Report, is filling the void aptly.

      BTW, everyone needs to see the video about the grass roots movement underway in Germany on ending our Federal Reserve System here in America. UNREAL!!! The NWO is going down in flames!!!

      • glitter 1

        “UNREAL!!! The NWO is going down in flames!!!”

        I do not and can not share in your misplaced enthusiasm of The NWO going down.The power behind The NWO will never,I repeat Never relinguish/acquiesce their/its position.Unfortunately,they control The Global Launch Codes and will never hand them over in defeat without using them first.
        However, one must continue to seek out the Truth and stand for the Truth as much as individually achievable.TPTB are artisans in chaos and division,this alone will enable them to prevent “Truth Awareness Critical Mass” from ever taking place/hold.

        • John

          Glitter, my enthusiasm is not misplaced I can assure you. Maybe the difference between my optimism/enthusiasm and the way in which you see the World, is my reliance on Divine Providence. It is He, and He alone, controlling this Earth’s destruction and timing is on His watch, not yours, not mine, and certaintly not any self-deluded elitist snob sitting in some ivory tower. Divine Providence cannot be trumped by any human inclination or endeavor.

          Oh, and you do realize there are only about 1,000 truely evil and despicable human debris beings bent on evil, war, lust for power, murder, pillage, and plunder, right? And there are 7 billion of us! I like our odds.

          • glitter 1

            “my reliance on Divine Providence”
            By that statement do you mean Jesus Christ?Because Jesus Christ,The creator,the second manisfestation of the Invisible Godhead,who is in fact holding All Things Together.That Devine Providence?If yes,then you are fully aware that the way this all ends is the Devil,”The God Of This World” will take it to total destruction before The Savior returns to defeat Lucifer’s NWO.So, you either do not understand where the world is in End Times Prophecy time table,don’t believe it or not trusting Jesus Christ at his word.
            That’s why I know with confidence where this is all headed.Word events will wax worse and worse.We are living in the End Times and the Time Table was activated in 1948 with Israel’s return to their homeland.I can say with confidence that Jesus himself prophesied the events that are to come,it’s written in his Word,because of this it has to come to pass,it will come to pass.

            Mt 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
            Mt 24:4 ¶ And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.(continued Mt 24)

            • Johnny Palestine

              glitter1 in 1948 with Israel’s return to their homeland.

              The creator?? You deviant arrogant ignorant dumpling of a human.

              Israel did not come about with the help of Christians. Christians or so called Christians were more involved, directly or indirectly with the slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews than with their rescue, which only came when the American and Russian soldiers invaded Germany. Before that time, EuroChristians enjoyed slaughtering Jewish children for hundreds and hundreds of years before Rothschild was even born. Christians stole Jesus from the Jews.

              How many beings must you see burned in the name of Jesus?

              Despite Christianity, a thinly translated version of Judiasm, Israel was revived. What if Jews refused to assist in the translation of Hebrew into Greek? Where would you be today? Most likely crawling on the floor looking for a gram of crack to insert into your nostrils

              • Jacobson

                Hi Johnny !
                The israelis know exactly who are the biggest criminals who slaughtred the jews generation after generation .
                From the romans to the nazis , nothing changed .

                Guys like Glitter1 are looking for something to lean on and grasp that’s why he’s saying that the return of the tribe of Israel to their homeland activated the detonator .
                What would a man who lived during the 30’s thought ? wasn’t it a dooms day scenario ?

                Glitter1 , go ask Chris Duane how he interpreted the return of Israel:
                “Syangouge of satan” he said …
                And I thought Jesus ment the vatican as the place of satan and christianity when he said “fake jews” .

                One thing I know for sure and can’t ignore :
                The fact that many people around the world are gazing at Israel .

                Don’t you have your own countries ? faith ? constitutions ? Language ?
                Just leave us alone and let us do our own thing .
                Arab world is crashing around us and americans care more about their wallets .
                In the coming collapse we’ll be together , without the “nations” of the world to balme us and murder us .
                It’s about a year and a half as the book says but I’m not a prophet .

                From Jerusalem I send the message of Liberty !
                Iben Yaakob

          • Greg

            I believe there are much more than 1000 truly evil humans in the world. When things get worse (SHTF) ‘normal’ people become desperate, and when normal people become desperate they will commit evil acts most people would think were not possible. All it takes is the right circumstance and situation to see how evil humans really are.

            Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    • Ed_B

      I agree 100%, Abby. I would LOVE to see a video news program put on by SGT & Co. Call it “REAL News”, where nothing but the truth is disseminated; no false flag crap, no spin, and no political slant. Walter Cronkite used to end his broadcasts with “And that’s the way it is”. It’s been a LONG time since America had a newscast that really said it like it is and not like some want it to be, often for some nefarious social, economic, or political purpose. A lot of us are simple exhausted by all the BS that is thrown at us and called “news” when it is not news but propaganda. I predict that a newscast that is based on truth and objectivity would be a HUGE success in so many ways. There is a terrific thirst in this country for such a program and it is not being fulfilled… but it SHOULD be! Sic’em, Sean! lol

  • Ed_B

    “My guest John from SmartknowledgeU joins me to discuss Conspiracy FACT.”

    Conspiracy fact? Now, there’s a good one! I can’t wait for the TV lefto-communist talking heads to sneer at people telling the truth, saying, “Well, that’s just a conspiracy fact”, in their pointy-headed pinched-face rat-like manner of speaking. 😉

  • Antony

    Great interview! Congratulations to John and much success for him 🙂 I am also greatful for Sean, Rory and all those that make this site possible! And to all the insightful people that post comments! It is so great to come to a place where truth is well regarded and given it’s proper place! Knowing the truth does make you free and gives you peace of mind! By knowing the truth you can disregard all the other bs that comes your way, and we all know how much bs is out there!! Blessings to you all :-))

  • Gnostic

    Brilliant! Stay the course…….This rabbit hole is mighty deeeep.

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