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Complete Takeover of America By 2016… HAPPENING NOW!

from Jason A:

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  • WARNING! WALL OF TEXT APPROACHING!!! Sorry. This is long but its good and it will open your eyes, answer some questions and clear up some puzzles you’ve had for a long time.

    We never “lose” our rights! This is what I have learned. You hear people saying we lost this and we lost that. No, we didn’t. They are *SAYING* we lost them but, in reality, we did not. The NDAA is just more poop stains on wood fiber. God gave us the rights. Men cannot take them away. They can, however, make you *THINK* they can take them away by issuing statues, codes and acts (All of which are *COLOR*OF*LAW* and not valid under the constitution).

    Other people may believe them and they may jail you and they may persecute you, but, you still have those rights, the criminal behavior of TPTB doesn’t matter. Wrong is wrong.

    What one has to realize is that you have to *CLAIM* your rights. Why? Because we’ve been allowing ourselves to be ruled by a corporation using corporate law (admiralty law = corporate law = Uniform Commerical Code) for 143 years. What most people do not realize is that, at some point, the defact system of laws that we tend to accept became admiralty law. But, in all cases, admiralty law cannot usurp the Supreme Law Of The Land. So how is it that they rule with it? It works like this:

    They assume you’re down with admiralty law if you say nothing when they pull you over, imprison you, take your gun, force you to testify, etc. BUT! If you say something using ULL (Understandable Legal Language, and believe me, every word you utter when you are talking to a corporate [some say “government”] official is legal language) it will be acted upon and acted upon properly.

    I got confirmation of this when they finally ran the case “Salinas vs. Texas” through the USSC. The USSC wrote a summary of it. I suggest you read it in full. The short of it is this: Salinas did not have the right to remain silent BECAUSE HE DIDN’T CLAIM IT DURING QUESTIONING!!! What does that mean? It means you do not have *DEFAULT* access to your rights within the bill of rights. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “NetRanger, that was just one case and just about the right to remain silent.” True enough, but, the other rights you have are the same. If Salinas would have stood up and said, “I have the right to remain silent and I claim that right.” his case would very possibly turned out different. Why would rights recognized by the 5th amendment be any different from the rights recognized by any of the other amendments? Answer: it wouldn’t.

    I have a lot more I could tell but I’ll throw that out there and let you chew on it a bit.


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