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Coming to a Protest Near You…A Drone That Blasts Pepper Spray

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig

What’s a crony status quo to do when it is ultimately confronted with an unruly mob of plebs frustrated with the fact median wages haven’t increased in forty five years, while the 0.01% has stolen everything in sight with the help of the Federal Reserve and corrupt Washington D.C. politicians?

Well, naturally you’d launch the South African made Skunk Riot Control Copter, fully equipped with a suite of high-definition and thermal imagine cameras, strobe lights, speakers and a pepper spray firing paint ball gun which can fire 80 shots per second!

We learn from The Verge that:

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2 comments to Coming to a Protest Near You…A Drone That Blasts Pepper Spray

  • Betty

    CNN is your enemy! A psy-ops war mongering machine. Yuk.
    Americans are so out to lunch it is actually very shameful. What happened to Americans, how can they live under the thumb of these evil sociopaths?

    Oh, no worry, lots of free porn and the women are now the boss over the weakened american men. Hey Hillary should finish off this dog and pony show of the ‘expectional ones.’

    Scrapping the very bottom, this Hillary is a serial adulterous wife and can not be trusted. Go ahead, wallow in your demise yanks. Or do something!

  • Rodster

    1984, The Hunger Games, Blade Runner. That’s the future

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