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by Chris Casey, Dollar Vigilante:

US farmland values have been growing. Since 2009, the nationwide per-acre value has risen almost 40% while prime farmland properties have sold for record prices. This appreciation derives from legitimate suppl- and-demand trends in agricultural commodities. These developments include: an increasing world population, continued limitations on arable land, fresh-water constraints, declining growth in crop yields, and increasing caloric consumption in developing countries. These trends are powerful, likely to continue, and carry a worldwide impact. But there is a far more important reason to invest in farmland today – one that is not reflected in current values.

Farmland is an inflation hedge. Allocating part of one’s investment portfolio to farmland (particularly farmland in nations which will experience relatively high inflation) will not only protect investors, but will allow them to profit – perhaps immensely.

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  • Kris

    Hi Sean,

    I’ve been reading (and greatly appreciating BTW πŸ™‚ )your site for many years now, but I’ve never taken the time to respond to an article. This is a great farmland investment article, and for years now I’ve been reading these thinking, “Well, how in the heck can a normal person invest in actual farmland?” I HATE all of the electronic funds/ETFs which don’t give you any ownership of any genuine land, but, after searching for two years straight, I finally found an opportunity for a reasonable investor (beginning at 50,000 USD)to partner (schedule K-1 for taxes) with experts and own farmland in Kentucky outright (deed/title is in name of the partnership, and I am one of the legal partners/percentage interest/ownership). The land/operation is managed by a former commodities trader (Chicago Merc. Exch.) and farmed by a multi-generation family-farmer operation, BOTH of whom are also co-owners with me in the farm. I am so excited I found this, it’s literally perfect. BTW, we are practically neighbors, I live in central Minnesota too!

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