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Collectivist Mark Levin Confronted by Antiwar Veteran

from AdamKokesh:

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6 comments to Collectivist Mark Levin Confronted by Antiwar Veteran

  • John

    More like an illegal drug addict confronts Mark Levin. Adam Cokehead is a dumb@$$.

  • Eric

    You missed the point John. I wonder if Mark Levin will still love the U.S. meddling in the affairs of the entire world when America is in shambles and all his neighbors are Chinese. This is what I hate about this idiot. His own bigotry and ego is adding fuel to the fire rather than putting it out. America can’t get it’s shit together and yet everyone still thinks it can police the world. First it creates the criminals, then it creates the police state. Hey mark, send your kids to Iraq!

  • aa

    I just did a search and as I suspected Mark Levin did not serve in the military. In my view Kokesh is very articulate and is no dumba$$. Kokesh speaks from personal experience while Levin had to allude to the service of relatives since he did not serve in a foreign theater of war or even any branch of the service.

  • Neo

    John, I suggest you dig deeper and learn more about the non-aggression principle. When has Adam ever done anything that has harmed you even if he was what you claimed an “illegal drug addict?” Now on the contrary, collectivists (statists) like Levin have done things that have affected most people via his use of government (the State). Change will never happen for the better until people understand that the government (the State for which collectivism depends upon) is the MONOPOLY ON THE USE OF FORCE AND VIOLENCE WITHIN A GEOGRAPHICAL AREA. They have convinced and tricked the populations into believing that they should have the right to use FORCE and VIOLENCE on the populations while no one else is allowed the same.

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