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Central banks and gold: New Orleans conference may disclose a lot

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Something unprecedented is scheduled to happen at the New Orleans Investment Conference in October: a former central banker — the most famous in the world, Alan Greenspan — has agreed not just to speak but to take questions from the audience about gold.

Of course there’s no guarantee that Greenspan’s answers will be truthful and candid. But even his evasions or refusals to answer candidly may disclose a lot.

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and your secretary/treasurer will be among the speakers at the conference and we’re ready with questions that might be well-put not only to Greenspan but to anyone who disparages complaints of gold price suppression by central banks. For example:

— Are central banks surreptitiously involved in the gold market, secretly trading gold, gold derivatives, and related financial instruments?

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4 comments to Central banks and gold: New Orleans conference may disclose a lot

  • Sergio

    Try positing the questions; If the Germans can’t get their gold returned to them on demand, can you reasonably answer why every other depositor isn’t in the same boat? How can the American public sleep well at night knowing that the Federal Reserve has defrauded the German nation of its gold that is being (supposedly) held in trust (TRUST) by the Federal Reserve? Are there any grounds left for depositors to maintain their trust in the Fed’s warehousing guarantee? If the United Sates Government holds the legal power through taxation” to offer a full faith and credit” promise to pay its bills, how else, other than a guarantee of safe return of a depositor’s property does the the Federal Reserve maintain its integrity. Is there any reason left to trust the Fed’s iron clad guarantee? Where is the German’s gold? Where is the evidence that you delivered the original bars back to the Germans. As a warehouser, why was there any need to tamper with their property when they simply wanted their original bars back? Wouldn’t it have been less expensive for you?

    • AgShaman

      Most Amerikwans couldn’t find Germany on a world map…let alone be up to speed on any gold holding back nonsense.

      They can’t formulate any intelligent thoughts anymore. Their brains are mush and their 3rd eyes are calcified shut forever.

      It should be obvious by now…the German people know more about the FED than Amerikwans.

  • Shana Hughes

    That ugly old whore should be shunned, not featured at a gold conference.

    • AgShaman

      Captain Syntax will show only because he still sees himself the hero…as per the phony cover shots on all the magazines from yesteryear.

      Only because of the class of people….will he probably avoid being heckled and accused for being the traitor that he is.

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