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Celente – West Desperate To Keep Ponzi Alive As Gold Is Gone

from King World News:

Celente: “Every week, between Bloomberg and CNBC, you are going to read some experts saying why gold is going to decline because they are into the Ponzi scheme (that is the current financial system). So they want people to keep playing the Ponzi scheme, to keep their money in currencies that aren’t worth the paper it’s not printed on, and stay away from gold….

“First, before I go into that, let’s go back and put this together: You just heard (the Fed’s) Bullard say that interest rates are going to go up in the first quarter of 2015. When interest rates go up, that’s going to ostensibly strengthen the dollar, but that’s only in theory.

And even if the dollar does get strength, it will only be temporary because when interest rates go up, the economy goes down. When the economy goes down they are going to have to come up with another stimulus program. As I mentioned, you have negative interest rates right now in the ECB.

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