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Callers On Sheriff Joe’s Obama ID Fraud Investigation

from BirtherReportDotCom:

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1 comment to Callers On Sheriff Joe’s Obama ID Fraud Investigation

  • Ed_B

    The fraud in the White House has already been outed, yet few seem to care that a foreign national who is inimical to the causes and interests of the USA now holds the highest elective office in the nation. A pox upon those who helped him achieve this dastardly deed. This is exactly why the Founding Fathers did not want those to vote who did not own property. Property is at the root of all income generation, either as owner or employee, it is property and its industrious use that generates wealth. Because of this, these are the people who fill the treasury. The Founding Fathers thought it appropriate that they should be the ones who decide how their money is spent. They were right about that. Today, we have everyone voting, whether or not they are qualified by being citizens, not being convicted criminals, or by voting multiple times in multiple districts. If I want to write a check for $10, the store that accepts this check will want to see my ID. Without this, they will not accept or cash this check. Yet, there are states out there where anyone can vote and no ID is required. It’s a real pity that they view $10 as being more important than who runs this country. It will not take too many more disasters like the Obama regime to destroy this country. Unfortunately, those who only care about themselves and the freebies that can be had in exchange for their votes do not care about this country. They will see it crash and burn with no thought whatever as to what or who caused it to do so. All they will know is that their freebies are not being delivered as promised and they will be VERY angry about that.

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