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Border Standdown: El Paso Border Gate To Mexico Left Open & Unguarded

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Infowars Reporters traveled to El Paso to investigate reports that Illegal Alien children are being flown into the country. While checking the status of our border, the reporters were shocked to see a border patrol vehicle leave a border gate open and drive off. Joe Biggs and Rob Dew monitored the gate for over an hour, the agents did not return and the gate remained opened. Although no Mexican citizens were seen using the gate to enter the U.S. it is another sign post that our borders are being left wide open to allow a massive wave of illegals to enter our country and become a voting block that will vote for more government benefits and less rights which includes an attack on the 2nd Amendment.

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1 comment to Border Standdown: El Paso Border Gate To Mexico Left Open & Unguarded

  • Eric

    Oh well. Nothing to see here. Let’s all go shopping. Shopping and eating. I believe George Carlin was right. Most Americans probably would really eat fried raccoons assholes on a stick if you served it to them.

    Unless anyone wants to make a break for it before the doors slam shut forever?

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