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Attorney General Rejects GMA’s Attempt to Throw out GMO Labeling Laws

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has tried to undo the latest legally voted GMO labeling laws, but Thurston County Superior Court Judge Christine Schaller has ruled that the states’ case against the (GMA) will move forward, rejecting the GMA’s motion to dismiss the case completely based on constitutional grounds.

“Today’s ruling is an important step in our work to hold the Grocery Manufacturers Association accountable for the largest campaign finance concealment case in Washington history,” Ferguson said. “We intend to send a strong message to all: If you want to engage in political campaigns in Washington, you have to play by the rules.”

Ferguson was responsible for filing a lawsuit against the GMA last year. The state alleged that the GMA broke campaign finance laws when it collected approximately $10.6 million from its members and placed those funds in a ‘Defense of Brand’ account, and then used them to oppose Initiative 522, which would have forced mandatory GMO labeling. The account was funded without ever disclosing the true source of contributions made to it.

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1 comment to Attorney General Rejects GMA’s Attempt to Throw out GMO Labeling Laws

  • Ed_B

    As a citizen of the State of Washington and a strong supporter of GMO labeling laws, I was not happy with the failure of I-522. A lot of very slick ads were bought with the money that GMA threw into their defeat of I-522. Their position seems to be that it is better to remain ignorant of what’s in our food than to label it properly so that we can all make better dietary decisions. They already have to have the amount of salt in their food products on their labels and this is not an issue for many people. For those of us who need to limit the salt we take in each day, it is quite helpful. Many people probably do not care whether or not their food contains GMOs. But those of us who do most certainly have the right to know what we are eating and the more the food manufacturers resist doing what is right the worse it will be for them.

    I understand that they do not want 50 different labeling laws across the country. I get that and do not want that either. But, that may very well be what happens because these people refuse to get behind a common national food label standard that includes GMO information on their products. GMO labeling will occur at some point. The only question now is whether or not millions and millions of dollars will be spent kicking and squealing about it.

    Until we get reasonable GMO labeling on commercial food products, my family strictly limits them by eating as much produce from our garden and buying from local farmer’s markets as we can. No, we cannot eliminate GMOs from our diets completely but we certainly can limit them to a minimal amount.

    It is entirely possible that GMOs have health consequences that are completely unknown to anyone at this time. Very little research has been done on this, particularly with regard to any possible genetic damage that may result from a high-GMO diet. By the time this becomes obvious, it very well could be too late to get the lid back onto Pandora’s GMO box… and that’d be a helluva price to pay for a little more profit for a few people.

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