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Andy Hoffman: Massive Printing & NEGATIVE Interest Rates — Gold & Silver is NOT an Investment

from Greg Hunter:

Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin warns the negative interest rates installed by the ECB last week signals big trouble. This is a major alarm bell for everyone and a major inflection point.

Now, the central banks have dared go where even the Bank of Japan has not gone, which is to take rates to a negative level. You can’t go lower than negative. You go too negative, and people realize it doesn’t work, and people realize there is nothing left. How will we know when the money printing game is coming to an end?

Hoffman says, “The biggest alarm bell is the Fed. Forget what they are doing behind closed doors with the fake ‘tapering.’ When Janet Yellen is forced to come out and say we got to stop the taper, or we got to reverse it because of the failing U.S. economy, that will be the final alarm bell. After that, there will be no way shape or form that the mainstream media, Washington or Wall Street, can pretend that it is anything other than what it is–failed central bank policy.”

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7 comments to Andy Hoffman: Massive Printing & NEGATIVE Interest Rates — Gold & Silver is NOT an Investment

  • Andy

    Thanks Greg,
    Andy Hoffman is always a straight shooter and tells us like it is. I’ve been listening to his blog for ages now, and am really pleased you’ve got him over with you now. Would be great if you could get Alitair McCloud on or even Andrew Maguire, both of which are very eloquent speakers
    And have a really interesting and different view to your US guests.
    If I can say one thing though Greg, it would be great if you could step up your reporting frequency, things are now happening at an accelerating pace, and I think it would be great if we had more frequent broadcasts to keep up with events as they happen now.
    Maybe that’s not possible, I don’t know, but just an enquiry.

  • mangrove

    Andy, just a note: I doubt Greg will see your message since this video didn’t originate here at SGT — you should visit Greg’s website to leave comments for him, or perhaps the comments section of Greg’s Youtube page.

  • Steve_D

    With all the corruption, greed and evil out there, this video helped restore a bit of faith in humanity.


  • steve

    Andy Rocks, straight forward with no BS or shtick, comes through as the real deal!

  • John

    Food inflation is just getting started. Just pulled some commodity charts at and feeder cattle, live cattle, and lean hogs are all hitting new highs AGAIN and looking somewhat parabolic. At the same time meat, eggs, and milk are rapidly increasing in price at the grocery, our Govt is cutting monthly food stamp funds to the needy. This will get ugly.

  • Mary

    US americans live in a hell of ‘spin’ & lies and it never stops…the evil empire…and its people are drugged, MSM’d, and are out to lunch big time.

    USA is just another country for the Banksters to rape. Duh, is anyone awake?

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