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Vice President of the United States Joe Biden told military cadets about his New World Order at their graduation ceremony several days ago. The New World Order Biden speaks of is the same Bankster controlled Satanic system that will offer the American people more of the same: Less domestic manufacturing, fewer jobs, a deteriorating economy, no rule of law, less liberty, more draconian laws, unconstitutional executive signing statements, more war and more tyranny at home. This is the fall of America. This is the WAR on the citizens of the United States. This is the painful reality we face. Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada joins us to discuss it all in Part 1 of this hour long two-part interview. Part 2 of this gripping discussion will post on Tuesday, June 3rd.

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37 comments to AMERICA FALLS TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER — Jeff Nielson

  • The Truth

    Man SGT I just wrote on a Jeff Neilson article u had up the other day and said you should bring him back on. Thanks a lot. His information is so easy to understand. I do my best to read all of them and share them. Thank again we need all the truth we can get!!!

  • Eric

    Yea thanks guys. Jeff writes a lot of good stuff. But if you think the average American has 2 brain cells to rub together, take a trip out into public. They are completely oblivious!

    I would like to take this moment to personally thank all the morons for the extremely bleak future in front of all of us. Divest some into precious metals? How about 95%? You’d have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to keep your savings in federal reserve notes in a US bank account at this late part in the game.

  • Phil Downunder

    Great interview guys, and thanks for the information.

    I’m torn between the idea that the NWO is all powerful, totally in “kontrol”, and just humming along towards the enslavement of humanity, and the other view that the wheels are falling of the Grand Plan, and that not a lot is going right for them right now, that they’re just a bunch of tired, old megalomaniacs and shaking in their boots at their probable fate as humanity wakes up to the huge scam.

    They still don’t have guns, they still don’t have control of the internet, they can’t seem to get a decent war going in Syria, Iran, Ukraine,their fiat ponzi is nearly at an end, and now the people of the EU zone want to get rid of them all.

    Or am I just being optimistic?? Your thoughts??

    • SGT

      First, thank you to The Truth and Eric above, truly appreciate it. Phil, I see a lot of hope too, which may make me naive… but I think the NWO hallow shells like Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Graham and Kissinger are a dying breed. Beyond hat, I’m speechless. I can’t predict what the outcome will be since most Americans are still sound asleep. But yes, the internet and the rapidly plummeting “faith” in the NWO’s long-standing systems are our greatest hope.

      • Eric

        The outcome will be chaotic at least to some extent. I really think TPTB are not in control at all and are panicking that we are waking up fast. I get through to people almost daily. Not much but always a little. All they have to do is wake up and stop giving away their power. Bix always said he saw this as a very organic process and I agree. The facts, the law, and God is on our side. They really aren’t smarter than all of us. They are clever but not that clever. Don’t know how this will all go but I don’t see it going that smoothly for them at all.

    • Anon

      “Phil Downunder” – I think the rest of the world is waking up FAST – the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Countries. What concerns me, is how many Americans are still choosing to remain ignorant, rather than face the TRUTH, and REALITY. It’s intellectual laziness, I believe, and just easier for them, to “go with the flow” rather than to actually read, THINK FOR THEMSELVES, and face “painful” truths. Unfortunately, it’s the lack of willingness of the general public to FACE THE TRUTH, AND REALITY, that the .01/1% are counting on. We need to continue to awaken those around us – especially when they ask a question or suddenly take an interest in some aspect or another of the actual conspiracy – it’s a window, an opportunity, to connect-the-FACTS, and all the seemingly unrelated aspects of the overall agenda for them, that the school system, the politicians, and the media wouldn’t do for them. History shows us, that, as Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. said: “There are no accidents in politics”. The .01/1% are a social network – that works together toward shared goals – at the literal expense of the masses, who subsidize them, via governments propping up, bailing-in, or bailing out the NYSE, and the corporations they own, which has the effect of protecting their private wealth, and their corporations which produce their private wealth. All corporate profits are privatized, and all corporate losses are socialized. Is it any wonder then, that the .01/1% International Central Banking Corporations, and their Crony MONOPOLISTS, POSE as “Free-Market” “Capitalists”, and “Free Enterprise System” “Capitalists”, when, as we now know, ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED – and, that they simultaneously FINANCE SOCIALISM (ie, Communism). You see, these Int’l Central Bankers create division in a “divide-and-conquer” strategy in every field of human endeavor and thought – religion, politics, economics, education, “race”, you name it. They play one side off the other. The fund both sides of every war. Read NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen (1972), THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, and THE FINANCIAL VIPERS OF VENICE, by Joseph P. Farrell. Read AGAINST OLIGARCHY, by Webster Tarpley, particularly the chapters on “The Venetian Conspiracy”, particularly as it relates to England, and the British Empire. You can get a preview of some key points made by these authors, by reading the ‘comments’ section following the article, here:

      In related news:

      Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Ban Gun Shops from 99.5% of Chicago, Videotape All Sales

    • Anon

      The ONLY nations that have retained their FREEDOM, are those in which the citizens were as well-armed as their government.

  • glitter 1

    The problem is that very few know who/what we’re dealing with.The term “NWO” is bandied about now days every where all the time,but few understand just what it entails.To many it may appear The Masters Of The Universe are loosing their grip,however do not be deceived,they conceived of their plot centuries ago and have been meticulously working the plan through the generations.They are masters of deception.It may appear their plans are close to unraveling,don’t be deceived,it is all being choreographed,what we see is all by design,they control all sides and play off each against the other.The God Of This World along with his minions/networks/organizations control the money,academia,media,communications,politicians/governments,countries,the masses and world religions save one.Their goal is to depopulate the world of 90% of it’s inhabitants first then out of the ashes comes their NWO One World Government.Again,don’t be deceived,all is not as it appears.These things are the machinations, a means to an end,the end justifies the means.They haved worked tirelessly to create/set up the Global Tinder Box we are witness to today.It can be set ablaze with control lost very quickly.The Lies,Deceit,Theft,Hatred,Subterfuge will continue and accelerate moving forward.Awareness by the masses will only force a compression of the time table.Much has been said/written of it all.One needs to plan accordingly,mentally,physically,spiritially while it is yet daytime;for the night time is coming when no man will be able to see/prepare.

    • lastmanstanding

      You are a voice in the wilderness brother.

      All those generations, all that deceit, this is our earth, I’m planning on sending them all back to hell.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  • Phil Downunder

    Now Glitter, (from one conspiracy theorist/nutjob to another,)

    You have said a huge amount in few words. I think we all know what/who we are up against. (and I say this as a reluctant/”slow to the party” Christian). Having totally freaked my Christian wife out over the last few years with “too much information”, I now find myself having to actively look for the positives in all this chaos, if only to calm her down somewhat, about the future of humanity and our 4 sons)

    Bix Weir’s theories of the “good guys and the bad guys” resonates with me. Why not? There must be more “good guys” than bad guys. If a dumb schmuck like me can see what’s going on, surely much smarter “good guys” in positions of influence can also see the big picture, and are taking measures to counteract the Dark Forces.

    Wishful thinking? Maybe. Time will tell. Meantime, I keep stacking, prepping, and trying to wake a few up.

    And Sean, keep looking for the positives. Thanks for the response. Your MASSIVE efforts are greatly appreciated.

    • Steelerdude

      Phil, I know what your saying about your wife and found myself giving my wife too much information. She has a good job and brings home a great check for the household. She is in a business that runs off the economy. She brings the love, tenderness and the love of God into our home.

      I figured I will do the worrying and let her have a happy life with our children and be “the normal” for what ever reason we get out of this mess in the world, then all will be right. But for now, I continue to seek information and keep it to myself.

    • glitter 1

      Here’s where I’m coming from in a nutshell,as a Christian as with all True Christians that should have asked the same question that the disciples
      asked Jesus on the Mount Of Olives(Matthew 24:3)What shall be the Sign of thy coming?Any believer who has/is truely seeking the answer to this question will undoubtedly be lead to/thru prophetic writings of Ezekiel,Daniel,Thessalonians,Revelations et al.This is where I get my World View and reality for the last 40+ years.For the Spiritially Blind/Dead,Unregenerate this is all such foolishness,but The Word states that in the Last Days there would come Scoffers and there is indeed no shortage of them here and elsewhere,just as in the days of Noah,so shall it be when the Son Of Man Returns.Noah was laughed and scoffed at for 300 years while he built the Arc then as the door was shut and the rains fell those very same scoffers were beating on the door to get in.
      Look, my greatest wish is that I could ignore what I know in my Heart and that this storm brewing in the world would pass and yield to a happy positive ending.I have children and grandchildren and am concerned for them,my whole family,but I have to hold fast to what I know is coming.We live in perilous times and at this point in time/history there will be no avoiding what is to come.
      For any True Believer walking after the Spirit,it comes down to what one truely believes.For me the time table for the end of the age/world was triggered in 1948 when the nation of Israel returned to the land.From that point the generation that sees all these things shall not pass till all be fulfilled.All of the prophecies have/are coming to pass just as written.They absolutely have to/will come to pass.Current Events lay witness to this fact.
      The reality is that The God Of This World controls ALL Of The Power Centers of this world and will not relinquish/acquiesce that control one inch until it is forcibly taken from him and he is defeated at the end.
      I know that this view is/will be seen as coming from a Nutjob,Gloom & Doomer,Purveyor of Negativity even Hatred,however I can live with that since The Word states that “Many are called,few are chosen” also, the world hated/rejected the Savior,so will you be hated/rejected.
      Just to wrap it up here,as I’ve stated,I’ve been looking/following this for some 40+ years.I’ve read and understand the Prophetic Scriptures on The End Times.I’ve also studied many of the Occult Writings(The God Of This World’s)relative to their plan for bringing in their NWO “One World Government”,which for the most part dovetails with God’s Prophetic Word perfectly.So, I know what I know,I know/see how all these current events are playing out,I know what their goals are and endgame is.I wish I could see a silver lining coming into view,but I don’t.If you are honest with yourself and see/add up all that has transpired over the last several years and connect the dots,it can not be denied that upheavel and calamity are in our future.My hope and faith is in that person who is able to keep and preserve me and my family.My faith is in the one who has said “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”I too am thankful for the Huge Tireless Effort that Team SGT brings to us daily.They do a great service in sheading light in a dark world.

      2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

      • glitter 1

        Here is BrotherJohnF’s release today,watch it/listen to it and pay particular attention at about the 16 minute point till the end.Now,BrotherJohnF is an astute,moral analyst and I feel he says it like it is.Listen to what he is saying about TPTB and their end game pursuant to what I’ve posted here.TPTB aim at producing destitution and it is coming.It would appear that he and I are reviewing the same script.

  • Paul T

    I don’t believe for one second that every single thing going on in the world today is all according to their plan. I think their plan has already failed. It failed the moment the Internet was born. The Internet sealed their fate. We wouldn’t know what we know right now without it. They haven’t yet been able to stop the truth movement, all they have been able to do is try and mix in disinformation with the truth to try and confuse us at times. Yes, they may have been plotting this New World Order for several hundred years during their Industrial Age, but something came along that they didn’t anticipate: The Internet and the start of a new age, the Information Age. No longer are the peasants restrained to controlled information as we were before and their New World Order can’t happen in a world with the Internet and uncensored information and exposed their propaganda. It’s over for them. What we’re all witnessing right now is the death of them. They are stuck in the industrial age way of thinking and the information age is rolling over the top of them like a steam roller. They are kicking and screaming at this point. They are so desperate now, they are pulling out every trick in the book for survival. People overestimate the elite. They are not immortal, they not special, and they are not all powerful. They just tricked us all into thinking they were for a long time. They do everything they do by deception. They still have a lot of people fooled but when their fragile paper ponzi comes tumbling down, all those fools will be forced to see the light. It won’t be pretty but it will be necessary.

    • John

      @ Phil and Paul…great comments and I agree. There is absolutely no way a thousand truely evil and despicable human beings can control the yearning of freedom by the rest of humanity. It’s analogous to two guys on horses trying to herd a million stallions.

      The only trick left in their bag of tricks to manage their evil plan now is FEAR. It’s nothing but phsyops when we read about some govt agency buying a gazillion rounds of ammunition. Even if it’s true, that stockpile would be overrun by the good guys/stallions in very short order and be used against the evil system.

      I do not agree that the sheep are asleep anymore. Sure, there are many who will not lift of finger to restore our Republic, and actually enjoy their slavery. But there are scores of men and women who have had enough and their yearning for freedom is just lying dormant and waiting for that moment in time to exert itself. We live in historic times, and our current corrupt system is going down in due time.

      • Paul T

        John, there are enough people that are awake to topple this madness, and yes, it is going to happen. It’s just not going to happen just yet as long as these people are still fat and happy with the status quo. The reward for toppling them just isn’t bigger than the risk yet. Once the reward outweighs the risk, trust me, it’s over. When people are starving and have to topple these evil fuckers, they will. It’s just a matter of time.

    • glitter 1

      “I don’t believe for one second that every single thing going on in the world today is all according to their plan. I think their plan has already failed.”

      With all due respect based on your comment,it’s confirmation you truely do not know/understand who/what is behind the on going conflaguration.

  • c.i.

    Not Many Of The Eight Above, If Any Have Anything More Than A Comment.

    Comments Will Not Sort The Problem, Especially Eight.

    Face It Guys, You Are Screwed.

    It Takes A Country To Get Changes Or Stop The Rot..

    • 8 comments may not fix the problem but it has to start somewhere. Better starting with 8 that with 0 and everyone ignoring it.

      It does take a country to stop the rot, but, the rot only started with a few termites.

      SGT: fantastic show! I love Jeff’s simple analogies. I especially perked up when he said the new world order is really the old world order of tryants and slavery. That is usually the case! When someone benefits from the horrible conditions of the past, they can’t call them “the horrible conditions of the past” they have to call them “The New Improved Conditions You’re Gonna Love!!!”. Change the name. Add bright colors. Tell people they’ll love it. Its called marketing and they’ve been trying to market this “New World Order” shit sandwitch for many years. Spoilers like myself and SGT, etc are screwing up the business plan. Personally, I’m pretty proud of that.

      Keep up the good work SGT! I’m looking forward to part 2!


      • SGT

        Thanks very much NR, really appreciate it.

        • I’ve been listening to you for years! YEARS! and I appreciate all the wise words. When we get on the other side of the decline/collapse scenario there will be several, such as yourself, that have been ridiculed and reviled that we should carry into the city on our shoulders!

          8 comments may not seem like much, but, you and others like you have spawned MILLIONs of comments and trillions of actions, some of mine numbering among them. The SGT report “distillation process” really makes a difference. The way you and your guests break down the insanely complex into the understandable for us non-financial experts is very much appreciated.

          Now I’m going to shut up now because I just realized I’m starting to sound like an SGT Report ad spot.

          My prayers are with you and yours. Telling the truth paints a target on your back. Godspeed SGT! May your return fire continue to be miraculously accurate!


          • SGT

            I’m so thrilled to read this, can’t tell you how much comments here like this one mean to me. And that goes for all of our regulars who I see you have mentioned in the comment below this one. Thanks for your support over the years and for taking the time to comment here now NetRanger. BTW, love Mac and SHTFplan. He’s literally the one of the nicest guys I’ve met through all of this.

      • c.i.

        Well get the Termites done and dusted then.

        I see just handshakes here that mean nothing.

        No Offense.


  • Wow! I feel a brotherhood forming here! Phil, Glitter, Steelerdude, John, Paul – You all just echo my thoughts. You’re an amazing bunch. I’ve been listening to SGT’s stuff for quite a while but never got on here to comment (or lurk). I’m a frequent flyer over at where we run the gamut of subjects and not just the financial. (Thanks to Mac Slavo for allowing us the privs to wander all over the place!)

    Keep up the good discussions! You’ll be seeing me around.


    • Ed_B

      Thanks to Mac and to Sean for letting us run a little wild with our comments. Both of these guys are wise enough to know that the scope of today’s problems are huge, not penned in, and are connected in various ways. Simple comments just do not do justice to these problems and any of us are thankful for the “room to roam” as we slog our way through all this.

      I used to participate on a coin and bullion web site but every time someone ventured into a connected area, down came the hammer. I got real tired of that, so left the place. Friends who used to read that site say that it is a mere ghost of its former self with few members and virtually no comments. THAT is what happens when people get authoritarian and cripple the conversation. Thanks to Mac and Sean, we can roam freely, speak our minds, and get a MUCH better handle on a lot of this. I have found the same over at Silver Doctors, another great site for truth and precious metals discussion.

  • rjz







  • Rapid

    Uncle Joe , tell us what is the New World Order is all about ?


  • NaySayer

    The Oligarchs WANT you to think they are all powerful and can’t be beaten. They want you to think that everything is on track because then you will give up before you begin and bow down to them. They want you to think some evil entity is backing them up. Evil is behind them but because they chose it and they are trying to scare people into not even fighting back because maybe “satan” will get you if you do resist.

    Don’t even begin to fall for this pessimism. Will there be really really hard times ahead? Yes, there will. Harder than we can probably imagine, but they are not all powerful and resistance is always worthwhile even if only in small ways.

    Dumbing down the American population has unintended consequences for them. I’ve seen elite on the talking head shows bemoaning how the average american doesn’t even care about the endless Bush/Obama wars. the only thing that got some people active was the possibility of another clusterf**k in Syria and we all got that stopped, didn’t we?

    If the economy falls sooner or even later then you will see people doing what people have always done which is finding creative solutions. Channel your inner junior high school slacker. Don’t comply with any orders unless the teacher (gestapo dept of homeand security armed thug) is literally standing right there making you do it with the threat of imminent violence. Then when he/she has to move on to another group or task, then stop complying and go back to doing something positive or creative, like growing your own garden or stuffing newspapers into your walls for additional insulation or gathering firewood for yourself/family/group.

    There aren’t enough of them to force everybody to comply. I think that is why they want drones. To spy on everybody so they know where to target their violence to make examples of those who don’t comply 24/7. Drones have to have pilots and if it comes to civil war then I expect the average life expectance of drone pilots to go down considerably. Plus a Univ. of Texas undergraduate team hacked a drone with only $1,200 worth of equipment from the local radio shack.

    These people aren’t invincible, they aren’t all powerful, they may be evil but they don’t have the personal services of satan at their command, even though they want you to believe these things so you will give up before you even begin to resist or fight for liberty.

    • Anon

      “Naysayer” you are “spot-on”!

      “The Oligarchs WANT you to think they are all powerful and can’t be beaten. They want you to think that everything is on track because then you will give up before you begin and bow down to them.”

  • knowtoomuch

    The REAL NWO they’re aiming at, is not the one you’d expect it to be, but the one that will be the result of the (steered) reaction of the (mislead) people world wide on the ‘phoney one’ ; on the ‘phoney NWO’.

    ■ ‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, a SPLENDID article :

    ■ The 20th Century : The Talmudic Triumph over Western Civilisation :

    ■ ‘Pax’ Judaica World Wide :

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ Joe Biden : “Immense Jewish role in american mass media (and cultural life)” :

  • Gnostic

    @ KTM, WOW! That article which you suggested, The Jew World Order is upon us’ was an eye-opener, Now I see the light! Thanks!

  • GoldGuy 925

    I think Nigel Farage maybe a disinfo agent He dines with Zionist Rupert Murdoch and nigel is a freeman of the City Of London, Yes the same City of London That still Owns the U.S.A He used to work in The City Of London, as didhis father and grandfather also his son works there.

  • ” Uncle ” Joe even identified who the NWO order is……

    It’s the ZNWO !

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