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20 comments to “ADMIT DEFEAT & Prepare for COLLAPSE” — JIM WILLIE

  • Rodster

    Admit defeat? Hey JW, that’s what drone’s, EMP’s, financial cyber war, and Nukes are for. It’s the only thing we are marginally good at anymore.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Jim Willie,base some as usual. I think he made a awesome point near the end of the interview. We need to inform are friends and family who know something is up but aren’t as informed as some of us to take their money out of big banks like Chase and BoA and put it into local banks and credit unions. This especially applies to small local businesses. Due to the nature of the fractional reserve system, removing one dollar removes the capital requirements for $10 out on loan. If we did this we would see the system change rapidly, even though the banks would throw a temper tantrum first, possibly causing some damage. Still worth it IMO.

    • Angel

      And on that note, just be sure it’s a REGULAR credit union and NOT a “Federal” credit union.

      If the credit union has “Federal” as part of its name (as most do), than it falls under the same regulations as a bank, making the depositor nothing less than an uninsured creditor. Can anyone say bail-in?

      • AndyM

        Angel –

        A few weeks ago, I would have said the same. Tuesday, I was informed that my local “regular” credit union would no longer accept emailed instructions for bank wires. Now, I have to make a personal appearance in order to fill out the same paperwork that I was previously providing via email. Yesterday, I had to leave work early to get to the local branch. I filled out the paperwork and was summarily asked why I was withdrawing the money (now required by the credit union)! I kept my cool, but I was pissed! They’re doing the same thing as the big banks now! … probably beginning to panic … I must not be the only one withdrawing funds?
        Be alert my friends!

        • Ed_B

          Whenever someone in a bank or brokerage house asks me why I want MY money, I simply say that it is for “private business” and then give them a look like, “Man, that was a REALLY stupid question!”. Oddly enough, it has worked every time. A broker once asked me “would you mind saying why you are taking a $50k withdrawal?”. I responded with, “Yes, I would mind” and be backed off immediately. I did tell him that it had nothing to do with the quality of the service or products that they offered, which it didn’t. I was not an unhappy customer, just one who wanted to use some of my money in a different way.

          Banks, especially the large banks, can get pretty snippy about withdrawals. They tend to forget just whose money this is!

          I would not put a cent into a large bank for all the usual reasons. Our local CU is a good one with great service, all the banking features I need, very low fees, and a charter that excludes any investment outside our local county and specifically mentions that derivatives are not something in which they can invest our money.

          It is possible that a banking collapse could affect the small local banks and CUs but that is a MUCH longer shot than for the big banks. They are in DEEP trouble and the derivatives time-bomb clock IS ticking down.

          Bottom line seems to be that we should all bank locally, keep a good amount of cash outside any bank or CU, stack PMs, and keep up with the alt news. A little prayer for us all would not be a bad thing, from time to time, either. Can’t hurt. 🙂

          • GoodOleBoy

            I have never had them ask me for a explanation of why I am withdrawing my money, I do believe it is regulation that they have to ask that and file a report for all transactions over $10k. What has happened is on most large sum withdrawals, I have to wait several days for my cash to come in. The explanation is simple and was explained to me. They only have enough cash to deal with normal, day to day withdrawals. If they were to give me $50k, they would be completely out of cash or close to it. Instead, they order the amount needed from the Fed and I have wait for it to arrive. That is the sign of a healthy banking system? Yeah right.

        • Angel

          @: GoodOleBoy:

          Interesting. I switched over to a “regular” one about a year ago and I admit that there’s some things that I’m not comfortable with. What you bring up adds another layer of suspicion to the mix.

          Bottom line, dollars stored in a financial institution are a risky proposition no matter what type of institution it is, but it likely varies as to the degree of risk.

          I keep enough in for the bills and nothing more. This is the point I attempt to make with certain families members (who seem to suffer from a hearing disorder).



  • knowtoomuch

    Yeah … they say the Jew World Order is coming real soon …

    As ‘cattle’ we’re rather f*cked … they say …

    ■ ‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, a SPLENDID article :

    ■ The 20th Century : The Talmudic Triumph over Western Civilisation :

    ■ ‘Pax’ Judaica World Wide :

    ■ Benjamin H. Freedman “The real Power Behind The Scenes” :

    • NaySayer

      The Ku Klux Klan is back!

      Just because you po white boys aint got no power aint no reason to blame others. Now go wash your sheets and call each other big names like “grand dragon” and you will forget that you haven’t done anything about all the different bad people who have screwed over this country.

      Whining on the internet or marching in bedsheets isn’t the same thing as actually doing something productive for your community. What did you do about Bush or Cheney and their lies that got us to kill millions for them? What have you done about all the lies and illegalities of the Obama Cabal? Oh right, you whine about all jews.

      Okay, if you hate and want to kill jews then what have you done about the rothschilds? They might actually be guilty of some serious nastiness along with the Rockefellers, the carnegies, the warburgs, the bush famiy etc?

      Go back to whining about all jews, that way you don’t have to do anything productive.

  • hal

    Paying storage fees to have metals held on the other side of the world that it might cost thousand$ just to get to seems like a bold move. I could maybe see the appeal if a person had millions or more to spread out, but not sure about the average saver in 5 or maybe 6 figures. In a situation where you were being forced to give up your holdings at gun point or something, it might be hard to get out of the country anyway to get to your money. Burglary is an issue too, of course, but I just cant see too many people going to those lengths.

    • Angel

      I agree that that the average Joe isn’t in a position to store their metal outside of the country.

      I recently discovered an online pm dealer who also stores the metal for you (quite inexpensively). It’s called Silver Saver, and the website explains your various options for purchasing, storing and taking delivery of your metals.

      I have not used them as yet, but I am considering it.

    • Ed_B

      I agree, Hal. If the SHTF it is VERY likely that travel restrictions will be imposed. If so, those who do not have their metals readily available could very well be SOL.

      I plan to deposit my metals into the Bank of Mother Earth. A suitable depository can be made with a post-hole digger or a shovel. This can provide a very secure stash if you can do it in a remote location where prying eyes cannot watch. If any Nazis show up to confiscate wealth of any kind, they can’t do it if they can’t find it. I know that this method is not fool proof but it IS PDG… pretty darned good… and beats the heck out of any SDB in a bank.

      • NaySayer

        About the best we can hope for is once martial law is declared certain states will refuse to cooperate. Hopefully most of the mountain states, most of the midwestern states and a lot of the southern states will simply say NO, we are still america and we won’t cooperate.

        Then those who have made preparations and if they determine it is better to get the hell out of the country will have the opportunity to do so either to Canada or Mexico or out to the gulf and on a ship to somewhere better (if such a place exists).

        Hopefully there will be a still free refugee corridor for those who have real money to pay for the expensive and dangerous travel out of the police state.

        All you have to do is see the many published accounts of those refugees who made it out of nazi europe, soviet dominated eastern europe or the fall of SE asia after we pulled out of Vietnam, Cambodia, laos etc.

        Or you could just watch the classic 1942 film “Casablanca” again with Humphrey Bogart.

  • Rodster

    Cool, the Jewry cabal is back

    • NaySayer

      Seriousy, they whine and make vague threats about “jews” but have they even started a petition to get all Rothschilds deported? Do they make videos or gather evidence exposing the actual named human beings who might have commited crimes that could be prosecuted? Not that I am aware of.

      Vague allegations and threats about an entire group of people is completely illogical. I don’t believe that every single member of a group (any group) is bad somehow. Some are good and some are questionable and a few in every group will be flat out psycho and evil, but that holds true for every group.

      What have they done to actually make this a better country? At least when SGT makes allegations that Isreal was involved with the false flag of 9/11, he provides credible reasons and intelligence of how they were involved, not just some vague crap trying to incite violence against an entire group or religion.

      I can beieve that the leaders of the nation of isreal at the time of 9/11 were involved with it. But the average citizen probably wasn’t any more informed of what the leadership was doing than the average american knew about what our government has been up to before Snowden leaked the NSA spying info etc. Are we all personally to blame for what our government was up to illegally? Some would say yes we are.

  • Troy

    If your feeling down…just unpack you adjectives!

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