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A Tale of Two Scandals

by Christy “Snarks”, Joe for America:

After weeks of uncovered abuses at Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country, V.A. Secretary Eric Shinseki has finally stepped down. It was found that veterans were being required to wait… and wait… and wait for treatment, until death made it no longer necessary. They were never actually scheduled for appointments. According to a whistleblower report from Texas, this was done to cover up how long patients were being required to wait for care, as shorter waiting periods meant monetary bonuses for V.A. officials. Who says greed does not exist within the government-run healthcare system?

The outcry was swift and certain, and it came from both Republicans and Democrats, as well as veterans advocacy groups and the general public. Shinseki’s resignation was the proper course of action, but President Obama deserves no credit because he himself did not have the balls to fire Shinseki. After all, that would have required him to to man up and make a decision. It was also found that Obama was briefed about the travails of the V.A. shortly after taking office in 2009.

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