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Q & A Day: Gold and Silver

by David Schectman, Miles Franklin:

QUESTION: Just wondering what’s to stop the elites from just writing off the 1.5 quadrillion dollar massive global paper derivatives scheme once it tumbles and calling it null and void due to illegal implications or something.

David Schectman’s Answer: And while they’re at it, why not print up another $17 trillion and balance the budget and then send another $100,000 per person to everyone in America? That’s just another $30 trillion, give or take. A mere drop in the bucket compared to the 1,500 trillion you reference in your question. If it were “doable,” then things like this would be on the drawing board. But you can’t “print your way” to prosperity or print your way out of trouble. Not without consequences.

Beyond that, derivatives are a sum zero game. For every loser there is a winner. Writing them off only benefits the issuers, not the entities that bought the “insurance” as a hedge against rising interest rates or any number of other activities. All that would be accomplished by writing them off would be to shift the losses from one group to another. The central banks would then have to print enough money to save the losing side and printing up hundreds of trillions of dollars would destroy the dollar. This is not an option.

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