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Dave Hodges Has Not Left the Building

[Ed. Note: We missed you Dave! We’re glad to see back online. – MRH]

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There are inherent risks to the work that the truthful media performs, just as the families of Breitbart, Hastings and Clancy can attest to.

Since Senator McCain and his friends attempted to steal my property and that of 300 of my neighbors over a decade ago, I have learned how truly corrupt and evil so many of our elected officials and corporations truly are. Yes, I have interviewed Congressmen, Gubernatorial candidates and other elected officials and many of these folks are people of integrity who love America. However, they appear to be in the minority because there are scores of public officials who go to Washington to merely enrich themselves at the peoples’ expense. Some of these corrupt officials have committed treasonous and sometimes heinous acts upon the American people in their quest for glory and gold as they serve the interests of those who are not interested in the preservation of America. These corrupt officials and corporate executives deserve to be exposed for what they are and my efforts have been consistent in this endeavor.

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1 comment to Dave Hodges Has Not Left the Building

  • Gnostic

    No offense to SGT but my experience with Hodges is he is a shill, While doing his show on RBN he asked the audience what is the largest problem facing America? I called and said “I believe it is AIPAC & all the High Government offices occupied by dual loyalty politicians” He stuttered & said he would cover that next week, another caller called right after me and echoed my point, he was politely shut down as well. He never covered it and if he does not he is covering for them, IMHO.

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