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Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

Could you imagine the uproar in the mainstream media that we would see if a member of a politically favored class of people was crucified for who or what they are? There would be front page headlines for weeks. But because members of a politically favored class (Muslims) are doing it to members of a non-politically favored class (Christians), it is not newsworthy at all according to the media. In many instances, Christians are being crucified by jihadists that are actually being assisted and funded by the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia. Yes, our tax dollars are being used to help arm and supply radical jihadists that are beheading and crucifying Christians. And yet none of the big media organizations considers this to be news.

How sick and twisted do you have to be to crucify a little child for being a Christian? Of course you never heard about this from the mainstream media, but that is exactly what happened in Syria recently

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5 comments to Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?

  • solar toad

    Why do people continue to put propaganda like this on their sites?

    • SGT

      How in God’s name is THIS “propaganda”?

    • Dissolution

      Clearly you are a shill. A troll. A low-life psychological agent who was not capable of doing anything substantial with his/her life and whatever skills your Father may have been generous enough to bless you with. That, or you are an utter ignoramus who is beyond irrelevance. Go away. We dont care about your ideas, and we are not affected by your motivations.

  • Hman

    These are Zio-Islamist, just like Zio-Christians and the kill ratio of Muslims vs. Christians is like 1000:1, they kill 1000 more Muslims than they do one Christians in Syria and Iraq. They are funded and directed by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In fact, as of today 1600 of the “zio-jehadist” are being medically treated for war injuries in Israel field hospitals (see Jewish news papers for verification). They are the front for the new world order plan for the M.E.

    Sure the zio-media would not report such crimes, for them, it’s not a crime it’s part of the agenda.

  • Abby

    Beee -cause, in spite of the fact that they are the oldest Christian communities in the world, they are Orthodox Christians, and in case nobody has noticed there has been a concerted effort over the last 1,000 years by the Vatican to either convert them to Roman Catholicism (meaning Roman Universality-aka ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT) or burn them at the stake and wipe them off the face of the earth. Note, not one peep from the Jesuit Pope! Or anyone else for that matter. The same can be said for the Samaritans, only approx 170 families remain today, the oldest direct descendents of Yeshua Ben Joseph, who established the promised land after the Exodus. The same can be said of the Shiites, amongst whom are the direct descendents of Mohammed ( peace be upon him.) Anyone noticing a pattern here?

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