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Why is Putin in Washington’s Crosshairs?

by Mike Whitney, Counter Punch, via The Daily Coin:

“Washington wants to weaken Moscow economically by slashing its gas revenues and, thus, eroding its ability to defend itself or its interests. The US does not want an economically-integrated Europe and Asia. The de facto EU-Russian alliance is a direct threat to US global hegemony.”

US provocations in Ukraine cannot be understood apart from Washington’s “Pivot to Asia”, which is the broader strategic plan to shift attention from the Middle East to Asia. The so called “re-balancing” is actually a blueprint for controlling China’s growth in a way that is compatible with US hegemonic ambitions. There are different schools of thought about how this can be achieved, but loosely speaking they fall into two categories, “dragon slayers” and “panda huggers”. Dragon slayers favor a strategy of containment while panda huggers favor engagement. As yet, the final shape of the policy has not been decided, but it’s clear from hostilities in the South China Sea and the Senkaku Islands, that the plan will depend heavily on military force.

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2 comments to Why is Putin in Washington’s Crosshairs?

  • Rodster

    The only thing that stands in the way of TOTAL US world domination are: Russia, China and Iran. In order to keep the global financial USD Ponzi scheme going is for a weak Russia and China to have NO choice but to go along with it.

    That’s why they got together on the LNG deal and are moving away from the greenback.

  • FreedomFighter

    Here a video into whats happening in the eastern Ukraine.

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