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“Why Can’t We?” – A Dialogue on Effecting Change

by Julian Rose and Zen Gardner,

Julian: Well Zen, it seems we are increasingly homing-in on the same subject in our writings – and that means in our thinking – and it is an absolutely central issue of this moment, namely: “Why Can’t We?”

Of course millions of sincerely written words and no doubt thousands of provocative “think tanks’ have been straining to answer this question for decades, but as yet all we have is a lot of theory but very little practice. But very little practice.. and there lies the rub. Without ‘the practice’ all the words are as dross and simply clog up the arteries of purposeful change.

I find myself asking the same question that you bumped into in describing your Hamburger Man dream sequence – “am I misdirecting my best energies trying to wake up those who would prefer to remain asleep?” It solicited some very subtle responses in the comments column of that piece .. and yet .. when words carry their full weight of passion and are driven by the search for truth .. I believe they take on the dynamic of “an action” and thus spark something positive in at least a few sincere readers.

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