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by Dr. Jerome, TF Metals Report:

In the spring of 2002 I relocated my family moved from downtown into the country. It was a difficult move. My wife and I stumbled around in a daze for several days coming to terms with the differences. But let me back up a number of years and fill you in on how we got there. I can’t say that I have sage advice for all to follow. What I can do is tell our story, mistakes and all, then explain my reasoning for the move and let you glean what is useful.

My parents drug me kicking and screaming from rural Colorado in 1967 and raised me in Phoenix Arizona—a growing city with a bright future. By age 30 I had come to see the city as too hot, too large, and too everything I had learned to dislike. I chased a job to Albuquerque NM, for a year, made a bunch of money, and then we departed on the “graduate school tour” which led to Syracuse NY, then to Memphis TN, a city not unlike Phoenix in size. By 2000 I had lived in large cities for 33 years.


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  • Ed_B

    “But the soil quality was horrible for gardening. (As an aside… learn about soil quality if you want to get serious about gardening.)”

    LOL. REAL gardeners do not care about soil quality because we know that this is something that we can fix… and it is a simple process: 1) remove rocks; 2) add sand to clay to loosen it up; 3) add composted manure to enrich poor soil; and add lime for acidic soil. Repeat as needed and you will have a terrific garden regardless of what the soil USED to be like when you arrived. 🙂

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