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When Conspiracy Becomes Fact

And, how long before the Tin-foil Hat becomes a fashion statement?

by James White, Northwest Liberty

What a world that we find ourselves living in today.  To be able to cover the vast amount of ever-changing news, I would need a large staff and a large amount of resources.  Something like Alex Jones and Infowars has going on.  But since I possess neither of the two, I need to target specific issues which I think may be interesting.  As I scanned the news this morning looking for topics in which to write about, something occurred to me.  Some of the headlines of today are the “conspiracy theories” of days past.  This, of course, is not a new phenomenon; but, it sure seems like the revelations about these sort of things is accelerating on a week-by-week basis.  It’s not difficult to understand why this is happening once you grasp the current trajectory of the information war that we find ourselves engaged in daily.

Alternative Media has seriously hampered the plans of the Elite, and that’s why there is such an international push to silence its influence.  Now, information that would have previously been buried by bureaucrats often sees the light of day through Alternative Media.  However, this increased level of knowledge comes at a price.  As more of us “wake-up” and get it, those in charge need to increase the speed in which they perpetrate their master plan of a “New World Order.” As the Elite do this, it awakens more people, which causes the Elite to act even more quickly.

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