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What Does The Coming Reset Mean To You? Part 2

by Bill Holter,

I assume that a re set of currencies and financial markets are close at hand because the imbalances have gone too far mathematically. I also have come to the conclusion that the re set will be “imposed” on the U.S. by China because they know the math involved and do not approve of our business practices. The re set “concept” has gained much yardage over the last year as the imbalances have widened and the thought process has spread. Personally, I see it as mathematically inevitable. Some feel that any re set would be triggered by the U.S. others feel that Europe would do it, my personal opinion is that the Chinese have the greatest ability and stand to gain more from it than anyone else. Even without a “push” or a planned event, I believe that the markets would sooner or later be cued by Mother Nature and force this event, manipulators be damned.

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