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What About the PM Complex?

by Warren Bevan, Gold Seek:

Before we look at the weekend charts I would like to quickly go over our three portfolios as some of you think I maybe not managing the risk portion correctly. As you know we have three portfolios made up of three different types of stocks. The Junior Portfolio is for the small cap PM stocks. The Model Portfolio is made up of the bigger cap stocks that can be precious metals stocks or stock market stocks or etf.s. The Kamikaze Portfolio is the speculative portion of the three portfolios , in which we generally trade the 3 X etf’s.

Right now the Junior Portfolio is 100% cash waiting to be invested when the time is right. If you recall we caught part of the December to the March rally where we were 100% invested. After the March top we went to 100% cash with a small profit.

The Model Portfolio has one small position in TZA that represents less the 10% invested. Again this portfolio was 100% invested up into the March high where we went to 100% cash.

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