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Weekly News Wrap-Up Benghazi Cover Up Update, Ukraine Crisis News, John Kerry Israel Apartheid Remark and More!

from USA Watchdog:

There is a new revelation in the Benghazi, Libya, tragedy where four Americans were murdered in a terror attack on September 11, 2012. An email has surfaced that some are calling a “smoking gun” because it lays out the talking points to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in prep for the Sunday talk shows. Rice said the attack was motivated by a protest because of an anti-Islamic video.

There was no protest, and the video did not cause an attack. Everyone on the ground in Libya knew this was a well-planned terror attack by an al-Qaeda linked group. The second in command for the State Department was on the phone with the White House and told his boss, Hillary Clinton, that this was a terror attack. It was clearly a terror attack, and that has been established as fact. It was established as a fact early on. Hillary Clinton said in Congressional testimony, “What difference does it make?” Here’s why this is important on all sides. Ms. Clinton is the clear Democratic front runner for President in 2016. I’ll add to Mrs. Clinton’s rhetorical question, what difference does it make–if I lied about Benghazi? What Mrs. Clinton said about Benghazi was a huge lie. It was a terror attack, and now it looks like it was covered up just weeks before a presidential election. My question: Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton the one on the Sunday talk shows? It was her ambassador, her employee that was murdered.

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5 comments to Weekly News Wrap-Up Benghazi Cover Up Update, Ukraine Crisis News, John Kerry Israel Apartheid Remark and More!

  • Petey

    What an arse wiper….Israel is far worse than an apartheid state & the whole wide knows it except this guy a supposed journalist, Palestinians shooting bottle rockets against an illegally nuclear armed state founded on terrorism,

    thanks for showing us your true colors YELLOW.

  • Johnny Palestine

    Israel is the greatest blessing to the Middle East. The Palestinians are not used as slave labour. Mecca is forbidden to nonMuslims. Females are not allowed to drive and must always wear their uglye head gear even while eating spaghetti.

    Islam invaded – as did the Europeans – into foreign lands to seize land, kill their religions, slaughter, rape and spread a foreign script.

    Greg Hunter nailed it!

    • jonathan

      Israel is a terrorist state the economy of Israel is based largely on the military industrial complex of the Western World. Israeli soldiers beat up women for fun and gun down children for fun. Do some research Johnny Palestine you are retarded.

    • jonathan

      I love how you compare the actions of the scumbags running Israel today to the worst europeans and the worst moslems and that somehow justifies the terrorist actions of Israel. If you have to compare average israelis to the worst europeans and moslems you obviously understand what a horrible bunch of sociopaths the average israeli is.

  • Rodster

    Israel needs to take care of it’s own shit. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. I don’t read about Iran threatening Israel. It’s the other way around.

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