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We Need To Secure Our Gold and Currency Reserves

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

“We need to secure our gold and currency reserves,” these words were recently spoken by Vladimir Putin.  What do they mean?  Why would he say this?  Isn’t it obvious that you would want to protect your gold?  What would prompt him to even mention gold or currency reserves … and why now?

To answer some of these questions, first let me take you back about 10 years or so, do you remember the picture of Mr. Putin holding a very large, bright and shiny gold bar?  If you sit and ponder this just a bit, I’ll bet you can figure out what that photo op was all about.  You see, Mr. Putin amongst many other talents is a great mind and a strategic chess player.  He knew.  He knew back then that the dollar did not have a long term future and that the pin on the grenade had already been pulled.  That photo op was taken not because he wanted “press” coverage or because he wanted to be seen with wealth in my opinion, no, he was sending a message which is exactly what I believe he is doing again.

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