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We Just Witnessed A Miracle, Eric Sprott, Gold & Silver Explosion

from KingWorldNews:

Before we get into the serious stuff, I enjoy the Kentucky Derby, which is a great American tradition. And the horse that won on Saturday is a true miracle. It’s just a couple of ordinary guys who don’t have real jobs and don’t a lot of money, but they for less than $10,000 they ended up owning a colt. This was the colt that ended up winning the Kentucky Derby. This horse beat all of these million dollar horses which are owned by sheiks and plutocrats. It’s one of the great stories of all-time.

It’s nice to see a miracle because that’s what we are going to need in the real world if we are going to try to bail this mess out, and I don’t think we’re going to get one. As an example, we just had the most preposterous jobs report released by the United States. That was an embarrassment because 234,000 jobs came from the birth/death model.

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2 comments to We Just Witnessed A Miracle, Eric Sprott, Gold & Silver Explosion

  • chris

    That third sentence is brilliant! I’m unsurprised that Kingworld News don’t have an editor. What really surprises me is that the horse that won the Kentucky Derby is not a sixty year veteran.

  • Ed_B

    “And then the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent because nearly one million people dropped out of the labor force. There are now the lowest amount of people in the labor force since 1978…”

    There is a lot of over-lap between the Carter and Obama regimes, particularly as far as tge economy goes… malaise is back and it’s both bigger and better than ever! 🙁

    “I was talking with Eric Sprott about this and we both agreed that this is probably an indication that Western central planners realize that gold and silver are ready to explode to the upside and they want to make sure the upside move is managed to some degree so it doesn’t get out of control.”

    There are no price limits on eBay. People can buy and sell there and what the Comex / CME wants, thinks, or does doesn’t matter a damned bit… just buyers and sellers making deals for what they have or want. When the Comex / CME can’t provide what buyers and sellers want anymore, they will simply become irrelevant, despite all their games.

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