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“War is Peace, it Makes Us Rich and Safe”… or So Says the Mainstream Media

from Global Research:

War is Peace. What was known as a famous quote from George Orwell’s fiction 1984 has become a reality. Or maybe it is still fiction if you consider that the mainstream media is making up reality on a daily basis.

On April 28, 2014, the homepage of The Washington Post web site featured the picture of a nuclear explosion with the following title: “War is brutal. The alternative is worse.”

Peace is worse than war? Diplomacy worse than a nuclear explosion? I wonder if people in war torn Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and the likes agree.

The subtitle is probably the apex of nonsense: “War may be the worst way imaginable to create peaceful societies, but this professor argues that it’s the only way.” Professor? How can you be a professor and say something so illogical? And how can a newspaper be taken seriously when it publishes such absurdities?

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2 comments to “War is Peace, it Makes Us Rich and Safe”… or So Says the Mainstream Media

  • Anon

    “War is brutal. The alternative is worse.”

    I think what is being said here is: Either you fight our (bankers’) war(s), or, we’ll put you all under martial law, and we’ll give you a CIVIL war. It’s your choice.

  • Hannon

    Let’s get this Professor a good pair of boots and a riffle, I want to see him prove his point. I’m betting this guy would chit his paints, even if he was a few blocks away from a real gun fight. I’ll bet he’s one of those douche bags that talks a good liberal game(now that they carry the war torch for the bankers) and locks his car doors when he sees a black guy 🙂

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