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Vast Potential from the Next Phase of Space Exploration

by Stephen Petranek, Daily

The last 10 days have rocked and shocked the space business.

First, on April 24, Elon Musk, CEO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) emailed journalists in Washington, D.C., that he had a surprise to announce the next day at a press conference. And what a surprise — Musk challenged the cozy arrangement between the Air Force and United Launch Alliance, an oligopoly between Lockheed Martin and Boeing that launches all of America’s national security satellites.

Musk denounced the noncompetitive contract United Launch had just won for 36 launches and proceeded to sue the government. “What we feel is that this is not right — that the national security launches should be put up for competition and they should not be awarded on a sole-source, uncompeted basis,” Musk said.

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1 comment to Vast Potential from the Next Phase of Space Exploration

  • J

    There used to be an illustrated strip in the Sunday comic section of the newspaper back in the 50’s & 60’s called “Our New Age” (sound familiar?).

    It made a lot of similar predictions to this article about how the future would be full of new gadgets and space related technology. 60 years later we find ourselves to be debt slaves to tyrannical governments and the banksters that control them. We run around with our heads stuck in tablets and smartphones that allow the tyrants to track our every move. Welcome to the future…

    Hey, not to worry, we have Bitcoin! That will solve everything.

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