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by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

On December 21, 2006 the BBC published a story about a man in western Japan who fell unconscious after tripping while out hiking by himself. He survived outside in the cold autumn weather for 24 days without food or shelter by falling into a state of hibernation.

When he was found, his pulse was almost non-existent, his organs had “shut down” and his body temperature was 22C (71F). He was found on Halloween with no brain function, multiple organ failure, blood loss and severe hypothermia and released six weeks later having completely recovered.

Even physicians were amazed at his recovery; a British Dietetic Association representative contacted for the story, Dr. Frankie Phillips, noted that: “I find it quite incredible that he had no fluid at all [during the 24 day ordeal]. Physiologically that isn’t possible.”

I remember the story vividly because it was so bizarre, so miraculous, that it seemed to deserve some treatment more special than merely committing it to memory as a factoid. Instead I saved it to my hard drive. It was the first news story I had ever saved to my hard drive, but that eventually became my standard treatment for all manner of news stories that pertain to my work at The Corbett Report. From a very strange event, a useful habit was born.

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