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Ukraine civil war intensifies

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

The unofficial civil war in the Ukraine continues to get more-intense (and thus naturally uglier).

While the Western corporate media (i.e. our propaganda machine) has chosen to NOT report/acknowledge this civil war; their own headlines make it crystal-clear what is occurring: Ukraine to push on with army offensive, row grows over Russian fighters reports

Obviously an ongoing military campaign, within one’s own borders, against a specific (armed) “enemy” is the precise definition of “civil war”. So as usual (in our Wonderland Matrix) we have our propaganda machine saying one thing, but claiming/reporting that it actually is something dramatically different.

Of course part of the reason why the Western propaganda machine refuses to call a civil war a “civil war” is because the very term de-legitimizes the present government. Having just staged a coup in the Ukraine in order to put their own Thugs in power; the West refuses to do anything to undermine its Thugs — including refusing to report simple/obvious facts.

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