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Twas the Night before QE Infinity

by Andrew Hoffman,

Long-time readers know I’m an avid reader, with my favorite genre being “historical fiction” i.e., the incorporation of historical events into fictional stories.  Some of the best such writers are Ken Follett, Sebastian Junger and Edward Rutherford but unquestionably, the genre’s god is James Michener.  Over a 60-year career, Michener wrote 36 novels including 12 brilliant works of historical fiction.  I have read ten of the 12 already with my current focus on Texas.

In such works, monetary references are omnipresent, given money’s prominent role in all societies.  For example, Michener’s commentaries date back thousands of years and invariably, show the same reverence for gold and silver and disdain for unbacked currencies; the latter of which, always fail.

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1 comment to Twas the Night before QE Infinity

  • md

    Texas is a good one. The ending is a surprise too! Favorite is The Source. The holy land story begins in the stone age like so many of his novels do. Read it just before a two week trip to Israel in 1996. I felt like I was going home.

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