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It’s time to once again document the collapse with writer and researcher Alasdair MacLeod from We recount the Friday May 2nd completely bogus jobs report which claims that the unemployment rate in the United States has fallen from 6.7% to 6.3% despite 800,000 Americans “LEAVING THE WORKFORCE” because they CAN’T find meaningful employment!

It’s just lies on lies compounded by more lies and Alasdair says, “We are beginning to see total systematic collapse” taking shape. We also discuss precious metals: Including the off-the-charts demand for Canadian silver Maples, Jeffrey Christian’s latest falsehoods, the dwindling “secret silver stockpile” and much more.

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26 comments to COMPLETE SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE — Alasdair Macleod

  • Tom G.

    Listened to the whole interview. Thank you SGT and Rory for putting that together. Have a nice week guys.

  • Knavechild

    Whenever I post videos like this on my Facebook feed to awaken other, I receive exactly ZERO comments or likes. However, if I post a picture of my lunch or a cat with a silly expression, I typically receive 10 or so comments or likes.

    Is anyone else experiencing this anomaly? Is this more of a function of incredulity, or more of a type of psychological denial?

    Any ideas friends?


    • PTS

      That’s one of the reasons I’ve been Facebook free for over a year now, and I don’t miss it a bit. Sometimes I don’t know when a friend family is expecting a baby (my wife will let me know that when she sees it on FB), but that’s the price I’m willing to pay to try to hold onto my right to privacy.

      But, if you’re still on FB Knavechild, keep using that tool to try to wake people up. It seems odd that most don’t care about the matters we discuss here, but I am sensing from my everyday contacts a disgust with the status quo and a desire for positive change, so one person at a time!

    • Ed_B

      Unfortunately, Knavechild, that is a TYPICAL sheeple response. They do not know the things that we do and they do not want to know. If they don’t know it, it doesn’t exist for them. They can continue placidly chewing their cud or whatever it is that sheeple do. These folks cannot be awakened. If they could, the very serious crap that has been raining down on us quite obviously for the past 6 years would be shaking them awake… and it isn’t.

      What you CAN do, though, is prep for yourself, your family, and any close friends that you have for a very uncertain financial future by stacking food, water, silver, fuel, tools, meds, and other necessities against the time when the system completely collapses. When that time comes, if you don’t have what you need and you don’t have desirable goods that you can trade for what you need, you won’t be getting what you need… which is exactly where the sheeple will be at that time. Don’t be like them, as that is an absolutely hopeless dead-end future… with emphasis on the “dead” part. Yes, it is sad but evolution and survival of the fittest can pretty ruthless at times.

    • SGT

      You’d prefer Twitter, you can “follow”, share and hear from like minded people. I only have 440 “followers” b/c I never paid attention to Twitter until recetly. I kinda like it now as an information tool.

    • Willyt2

      Knavechild, don’t worry I believe that is a typical that being no response. I have also posted many of SGT’s videos and I get the same, NO response whatsoever from anyone. I may get the odd like but never a comment. If people agreed with us then that would mean they have to make a change in their life/style. It’s much more comfortable to stick your head in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong in the world.I cannot believe so many people are just willing to turn a blind eye to reality. Some day they will have to wake up. When their life gets painful. Unfortunately it will be to late for many people when that happens.

    • Warp

      I haven’t had a Fb account for over 3 years now. I used the full-on delete option a year after doing a standard cancellation, FWIW.

      Who wants to be in their facial recognition matrix, anyway?

    • Tyler Durden II

      It’s called cognitive dissonance.

    • Long John Silver

      Interesting, I even email this stuff to my siblings, I rarely ever get a response, but when I do, it’s to tell me to stop listening to all the negative stuff, and I need help. Whenever I send mainstream videos, entertainment ones.. I get responses, hey that was interesting!!

      It is what it is..

  • Rodster

    Enjoyed the interview Sean. Alasdair always comes across as a gentleman. He did mention we could be looking at a full blown systemic collapse. Certainly with all that’s happening geopolitically it certainly begins to raise the odds.

    I wouldn’t throw it past the Bankster’s that they would love all this chaos to divert attention from what’s happening to the world economy.

    • Ed_B

      “I wouldn’t throw it past the Bankster’s that they would love all this chaos to divert attention from what’s happening to the world economy.”

      I agree, Rodster. I believe that we can count on whatever parts of the MSM that survives the collapse to continue feeding us bankster BS, such as the collapse was unforeseen, no one could have predicted it, and thank God that we have central banks to pull it all back together again. People will believe this because they will want things to be “normal” again. Many of them will not realize that things have not been “normal” for decades and that the damned banksters are the reason WHY.

  • JGT

    7 years of following the SGTREPORT now, (and it just keeps getting better.)

    3 more and ill get my long service lol.

    I cant find the words to express my gratitude Sean & Team for all the work you’ve done for so many of us, I really cant.
    so can I just say THANK YOU with all my heart, ill see you in the fox holes boys
    keep up the great work.

    • SGT

      well, thank you kindly, though truth be known I put up my first You Tube video February 10, 2010 and the website wasn’t started until late 2011 or so. But we appreciate your support.

  • rienzi

    Alasdair MacLeod always provides interesting insights. A related piece that you might want to post is at WAN:

  • Hugo

    Great interview guys, thanks. Especially the part on the internet liberation of information. I tend to say that the internet is the Gutenberg press on steroids so fully agree.

    Have a good week and agreed with mr Macleod, lets hope not all currencies will collapse.

  • ” As in politics , nothing happens by mistake . If it occurs , you know it was planned to happen that way ! ” , quote FDR . Complete world economic financial systems failure , followed by a ” New World ” economic system and ” One World ” money system .
    ” All it will take is for a one more Major Crisis , and the world will be ready to embrace the Zio NWO ! ” Quote David Rockefeller !

  • Troy

    I live in southern Minnesota, and I will say there is an abundance of jobs. In fact, many quit my company to work elsewhere for higher pay in the last year or so because jobs are plentiful. You could truly work as much hour as you wanted to. A friend of mine is a handy man, and he could work 24/7…and he charges $22 per hour..and thats tax free work.

    • Knavechild


      Can I ask you if you think this is the true state of the economy or a result of the heavy propaganda by the government media complex trying to pretend like the economy and currency is fine? The matrix is very powerful, and as long as the powers that be keep kicking the can down the road, the illusion can be maintained up until the time that it no longer can, and then in an instant the value of the money can go to zero.

      Does the fact that people appear to have jobs in Minnesota change the fact that the U.S. is 17 trillion in debt and it’s going exponential as the liabilities rise and the tax base shrinks? The economy is an illusion, and once it can no longer be denied, that’s the day you’ll see tanks in the streets when the mayhem begins.

      Denial is very powerful. Its similar to the denial that humanity is in regarding the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns in Japan. Even though the cores are melting through the earth and plutonium/cesium are killing the pacific ocean, the human race chooses to pretend like it’s not happening in order to avoid dealing with the horror that we’re likely facing an extinction level event.

  • Gerald

    I’m like Troy. I live in east Texas and things here are very good. There are plenty of jobs and everyone spends like there is no tomorrow(pun intended). I sincerely have not seen any down turn here since around 2011.

    • Knavechild

      Gerald, things may seem fine, but isn’t this just an illusion? The government media is manipulating the statistics of the economy and hiding the fact that the money is losing value by the day. One day the illusion will be revealed, and the money will return to its true intrinsic value: ZERO. At that point, those with jobs reliant on the paper money paradigm will likely evaporate as the reality of the situation sets in….and the riots begin. This is exactly why the DHS has been purchasing hollow point bullets and 2700 large MRAP tanks. One day, Americans will be truly pissed that their government and the bankers have destroyed their currency, and thus their future. Once you see through the matrix, you realize the emperor has no clothes, no matter how prosperous Texas may seem at the moment. Its just an illusion held together by the bankers, and an ignorant populace that is totally unaware of what is happening around them. There is a reason the powers that be removed the Trivium method of education from the general public…..the goal was to dumb the slaves down and obscure the truth about their unsustainable system of theft.

  • Long John Silver

    Wow, who is giving us the lies… I keep on hearing about Peak oil, from the likes of Chris Martenson, and Steve at SRSrocco.. Now Porter Stansberry is saying is telling us we are flooded with energy… Who the heck do you believe? If there is plenty of energy, the cost to mine these metals, will become cheaper.. I’ve had enough for a day..

  • Dissolution

    The time to be sufficiently pissed is now. I’m finding comfort in old songs:

    “I always thought that if you want to change the world, then you have to start with yourselves. So if the heads of state want to end terrorism, they should go ahead and kill themselves.”

  • J

    What if we are already in “COMPLETE SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE” and don’t realize it?

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