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Top Official Coin Sales: Market Overwhelmingly Chooses Silver

The market purchased 27 times more official silver coins than official gold coins in 2013.

from SRS Roccoo:

With the results finally out, the market overwhelmingly chooses to purchase official silver coins over gold. I was patiently waiting for the Royal Austrian Mint to publish their 2013 Annual Report releasing the gold and silver Philharmonic sales for the year.

Unfortunately, the Royal Austrian Mint’s 2013 Annual Report will not be released until July, however, their Director of Marketing and Sales providing me the figures on the total gold and silver sales for 2013. I received the figure for the silver Philharmonics but only a total amount of gold sold by the mint… including other coins and bars. So, I estimated their 2013 gold Philharmonic sales.

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3 comments to Top Official Coin Sales: Market Overwhelmingly Chooses Silver

  • SGT

    Gotta love this NEW headline: Top Official Coin Sales: Market Overwhelmingly Chooses Silver

  • B.M.

    Would make sense given the wide price difference between silver and gold. With people now having less money from income, it’s an obvious choice.

    Some day soon, gold will be priced beyond the reach of most individuals and will only be affordable by central banks and major financial institutions.

  • Slvrizgold

    Interesting because there Is only 9x as much silver produced vs. gold and yet there is 27x more buying of these coins. And since industrial demand uses up the lion’s share of silver supply, you’d think silver is positioned with a great supply/demand backdrop. The total dollar amount of all the silver in the world, a couple billions ozs probably is a mere pittance at $19. There are no big sellers of real bullion in my view only miners sell any real silver and a big drop in base metals prices and/or silver means that supply will dry up big time (while demand will go hyperbolic.). It doesn’t take a genius to know if the next $10 move will be $29 or $9!

    To address another comment, I don’t think gold will ever get too expensive because there are always fractionals and small gram products. But no doubt silver is the obvious choice for value vs. gold. For that matter the PGMs are probably better value than gold. But I still buy them all, occasionally reweighting. For instance stopped buying most silver in the 30s and gold over $1600 (except for some collectors coins) but picking up more PGMs instead. That turned out not too badly. Now $19 silver again whoopty do. Might go lower but all the upside in the world and probably won’t have to wait as long as the latecomers who didn’t start buying until 2011 think.

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