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This Is How Bad Things Have Become For People In Europe

from KingWorldNews:

I’ve been watching the gold and silver prices getting crushed this past week. It’s been quite debilitating to watch. I think a lot of it has been programmed selling in the paper market. A little bit of a stampede was started and it just gathered momentum. I would strongly suspect that the Chinese are now extremely aggressive buyers of physical gold. I believe this is a temporary downturn because, as we’ve seen for some time now, every time there is a convincing dip, the Asians are right there to buy all of the physical gold being offered.

Just two weeks ago I was watching Nigel Farage on English TV. Two of the guest commentators were calling UKIP a fringe party and a bunch of kooks. They had the same sort of dialogue about Le Pen’s party in France. But despite all of the disinformation and attempts to subvert the messages coming from these two individuals, their parties won sweeping victories.

Keith Barron continues @

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