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from The Burning Platform:

Another in-depth expose about unbelievable corruption leading up to the 2012 elections. This time, it’s the IRS scandal.

Conservatives are in-fighting, trying to determine which Obama scandal is worse (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obama releasing 36,000 illegal alien criminals from prison, IRS gate etc.). Obama makes Nixon look like a rank amateur.

It’s chilling to say the least, that Obama and the democrats can actually use the Federal government and the IRS to target individual groups they determine to be threats. The IRS and the democrats are the real terrorists in this country. Yet another reason to impeach Obama (the list grows longer every day). I’ll keep posting this stuff, although nobody comments or cares, because Obama and the liberal progressive democrats are the greatest threat to our country that we’ve ever seen.

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  • Ed_B

    “Obama makes Nixon look like a rank amateur.”

    At least Nixon loved his country more than he loved being the president. He resigned rather than put the country through his impeachment trial. If we had proof of 1/10 of what the Obamunists have done, the hangman would be busy for a good long while.

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