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The United States: A Banana Republic on Steroids

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canda:

It’s Friday May 16th, and with little to report from the Wonderland Matrix, I’m going to once again look around the Forum for (hopefully) topics which are both interesting and informational.

There was some “news” of note from the mainstream media. The CME Group has lowered its “margin requirements” for its (fraudulent) trading in gold and silver. And in India; the opposition party appears to have scored a landslide victory in India’s election, sweeping out a ruling Party which had been in power for decades.

So why not talk about those topics today? Because when the CME Group changes its margin requirements, it’s always/only concerned with furthering some devious bankster tactics — which never become visible until we can observe them in Hindsight. These margin-changes have nothing at all to do with “market fundamentals”.

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1 comment to The United States: A Banana Republic on Steroids

  • Ed_B

    Banana Republic my a$$… a $16T economy + the worlds most powerful military is no banana republic. A fascist police state, maybe, but definitely not a banana republic.

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