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The Soup Line is Open

by Rory, The Daily Coin:

Most of my working career has been in food and more specifically, high-end retail food; think Dean & DeLuca. The customer base has always been educated and financially well-to-do. After a “revelation” in early 2000 I decided that I needed to put my skill set to use in another industry. I found myself working in an office with the “masses”. Less educated, less well-off and one thing that particularly stands out, no self-respect. How can I possibly respect you when I don’t respect myself? Impossible. YOU don’t stand a chance.

After dealing with this toxic environment for several years I decided to get back into retail food. Out of the frying pan, into the fire! OMG! The “masses” are now on both sides of the counter. The impact of 44 million people on food stamps, as of September 2013, is hard to image if you are not in retail food. 44 million of approximately 315 million represents 1 in 7 people; not any particular segment of the people, but ALL people.

The spike in business beginning on the 3rd of each month is truly astounding. By the 10th of the month the business begins to “normalize” and by the 22nd the ship is sinking. When there is a holiday in the month we experience a slightly different flow of business.

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